May 31, 2023

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Tazawa ko Konjiki Daikannon Akita Japan

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Tazawa ko Konjiki Daikannon Akita Japan

Today is Wesak Day so we are posting some of the interesting Buddhist Temple or Buddha statue we saw during our travel in the past that we have not blogged. This is Tazawa ko Konjiki Daikannon in the prefecture of Akita in Japan.

The Tazawa ko Konjiki Daikannon is a 35 meter tall golden statue and it is built in 1987. This is one of the tallest golden statues in Japan.

We didn’t manage to visit Tazawa ko Konjiki Daikannon but we spotted it from our hotel. It is a huge statue and it can be spotted many kilometres away.

When the sun shines on the golden statue, it shines as if it glows. You can self drive to Tazawa ko Konjiki Daikannon as there are free parking spaces there.


Tazawa ko is part of the Akita Prefecture in Japan and you can read our story about Akita at If you want to know more about Akita, do check our stories at

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