March 25, 2023

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HERNAN FOOD Frozen Musang King Durian Review

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HERNAN FOOD Frozen Musang King Durian Review

Craving for Musang King durian now? This might not be the durian season but you can now order Frozen Musang King Durian online. Time to discover HERNAN FOOD, part of the Hernan Corporation.

They are a reputable manufacturer based in Malaysia and established in 1996. They markets and distributes products to Australia, New Zealand, UK, New York and recently expanded to EU countries, Hong Kong & China.

Now, they offer many frozen durian products for the Malaysia market in popular shopping platforms like Lazada and Shopee. They offer products like Frozen Musang King Durian, Musang King Snowy Cake, Durian Pancake Frozen Dessert and Durian Mochi Ice Cream.

Remember to check out the links to Lazada or Shopee at the bottom of the page. We ordered the Frozen Musang King and the Musang King Snowy Cake. They will deliver it and send it over in a nice frozen bag.

The Musang King Snowy Cake comes with 6 pieces of snowy cake. The texture of the snowy cake is similar to mooncake snowskin but the texture is slightly sticky like mochi. The filling is durian flesh and you must keep it at the freezer at all times.

For the Frozen Musang King Durian, we ordered 300 gram and this is really awesome. Just defrost when you it want to taste it and the Musang King Durian flesh will not disappoint you. Frozen durian is not something new especially for Malaysian durians export to China.

The Frozen Musang King durian could be pricey but it is worth it due to its taste and texture. When you have craving for Musang King durian, this is the one you should purchase. This is finger licking good!


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