February 9, 2023

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Mak’s Chee Online Delivery in KL

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Mak’s Chee Online Delivery in KL

Anyone been to Mak’s Chee? Mak’s Chee offers three outlets in Malaysia and they started in Guangzhuo, China in 1920s and they moved to Hong Kong in 1938. Since then, their popular noodle earned its reputation and attracted many leaders and trend-setters. There are three Mak’s Chee outlet in KL and they offer online delivery during this Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). Please take note that Mak’s Chee is NON-HALAL.

Mak’s Chee made its name due to its popularity in Hong Kong and their patrons include a long list of famous celebrities, socialites, food critics, and iconic figures in Hong Kong history, such as opera singer Sun Ma Sze Tsang, Asia’s gambling tycoon Yip Hon, song writer Uncle Jim, food critics Chua Lam and Suzie Wong.

In late 1980s, Mak En officially passed on the family recipe and noodle-making skills to his eldest son-in-law Chef Johnny Yu, who become one of the Founders of Mak’s Chee Authentic Wonton Malaysia today.

As we encourages people to stay at home, you can now order Mak’s Chee via Whatsapp at +601123261524.

You can check out their online menu below.

On top of that, you can check out the Mak’s Chee Online Delivery we made last week and this is the unboxing video we did. Do check out the video below or click it to enlarge or watch it on Youtube.

It is pretty easy to cook with the Mak’s Chee food as there are instructions and it doesn’t need rocket science.

Curry fish balls, just need to reheat

We loved their duck egg noodles as the texture is ‘QQ’ and al dente while the taste is more fragrant than the usual egg noodles. You just need it to cook it with hot water for 20-25 seconds and then dipped in onto cold water and back to hot water for 5 seconds and its ready to cook.

This is their famous dried prawn roe!

The Flounder Fish Broth is also easy to prepare and it is tasty with hints of saltiness and it goes well with either the wonton, sea prawn dumplings or the wonton noodles.

Our boys loved the wonton and dumplings and you can either enjoy it with the Flounder Fish Broth or their Sze Chuan Sauce or Spicy Sauce.

Wonton noodles with wonton and dried prawn roe

The food is pretty good even you cook it at home. It is pretty easy to cook most of them as what you need to do is either heat up or just cook with boiling water and you don’t need oven or expensive kitchen utensils to cook it. If you can cook your instant noodle at home, you can order Mak’s Chee online delivery. Remember, you can now order Mak’s Chee via Whatsapp at +601123261524.

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