November 28, 2023


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Singha Beer The Icon of Thailand

Do you notice that many Thais drinking Singha Beer when you traveling in Thailand? There are also many tourists that will buy Singha Beer T-Shirts as souvenirs when they are traveling in Thailand? Why everyone is so obsessed with Singha Beer? The real reason is Singha Beer is the Icon of Thailand.

What is the most popular food in Thailand? In our opinion, it will be Tom Yum Goong, the savoury spicy and sour soup with prawns. What is the most popular beer in Thailand? In our opinion, it must be Singha Beer. We visited Thailand many times, probably over 30 times from South to North from West to East. We venture to places like Udon Thani, Yala, Ranong, Satun, Bangkok, Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Mae Hon Song and more. What we noticed during all our trips in Thailand, the locals drink Singha Beer.

singha portrait
Enjoying a glass of Singha Beer in Thailand

How can an alcoholic drink like Singha Beer becomes the Icon of Thailand?

We asked our Thai friends and we start to understand more about the history of Singha Beer and how it impacted the society and the locals in Thailand.

The story of Singha Beer started when the Thai government officially granted Praya Bhirom Bhakdi a long-coveted license to brew beer and construction of a brewery began in May 1933 and on 4 August 1933, Boon Rawd Brewery was officially established.

bangkok jay fai places and food
Enjoying food with Singha Beer is a norm in Thailand

The Boon Rawd Bewery started producing beer on the next year with three brands: Golden Kite, Singha and Stupa. Singha beer became the most popular beer and selected as the company’s only brand since 1967.

Singha Beer’s presence in Thailand is over 86 years and it has adapted by the Thais in their daily lives. Beer in Thailand is affordable and not as expensive as it is in Singapore or Malaysia and hence the Thais can afford to drink a bottle or a can of beer.

We found these old TV commercials by Singha Beer and do watch it so you will understand more the old times of Thailand and how it connected with the beer.

What happened in the video is how the Thais watch movies in the past. This is an outdoor ‘cinema’ with projection but it was without audio so there will be always one person who will role play the actors and actresses in the movie and he will do the sound effect too. What he did after a long day of being the commentator is having a good glass of Singha Beer. Before we explain more to that, watch the second video below.

The video shows the sights and sounds of the Thais working daily. These are the sights and sounds of trishaw food seller, the peanut candy man, Thai tea seller in floating market, the toy seller and the noodle seller. Please take note that each of them has a different ‘calling sound’ so the locals recognised the sellers in the past.  This video also ends with a glass of Singha Beer.

Both of this old TV commercials by Singha Beer shows how the locals enjoys the lager beer at the end of the day. The message is clear, the Singha Beer revolves in the lives of the Thais for decades until today.

singha my country my beer
‘My Country, My Beer’

No matter who you are, it is important to have the enjoyment and satisfaction of having a great glass of beer at the end of the day. Drinking beer is not about getting drunk but it is a way of relaxation and rewarding yourself.

chinatown bangkok
Life in Bangkok Chinatown

Whether you are working on your first job, a manager, a director, a doctor or a successful business owner, you can afford a glass or a can of Singha Beer. This is the reason why Singha Beer is the Icon of Thailand as it brings satisfaction and enjoyment to different class of people in the country. As the saying, we shall never forget our roots as the Thais will never forget their Singha Beer.

Cannot go Thailand? Buy a Singha T-Shirt as souvenir

If you are traveling to Thailand in the future, we highly recommend you to buy a can or bottle of Singha Beer and enjoy the The Icon of Thailand. You can also get Singha’s official products from Singha Life and they are available in most major airports in Thailand. Miss Thailand, get a Singha T-Shirt like we do, this is Singha Beer, this is Amazing Thailand.

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