April 18, 2024


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Where to Travel After CMCO?

I read dozens of travel website and travel blogs talking about new travel norm after COVID-19. Most of these websites are from US or Europe and they are struggling with COVID-19 while we are currently doing better in Malaysia or in Asia. We also read that air travel will not be the same up to a few years. Hence, we decided to blog about where to travel after Conditional Movement Control Order. Honestly, where to Travel After CMCO?

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Phatthalung, Southern Thailand

I travel 19 times in 2018 and 18 times in 2019 internationally excluding domestic travels. Even my wife doesn’t get it why I needed to travel so much for work and I am not making that much money. I travelled to Thailand 3 times earlier this year before the Movement Control Order.

This CMCO puts me at home with my wife and my two boys for over two months now. I work from home all the time but not with my family most of the time. I am considered myself lucky as most of my friends in travel industry is having big problems with no sales and refunds, some of my entrepreneur friends losing money every day while some struggling with their bills and bank loans.

Traveling will be not be a necessity for most in the future as most people will be busy to make even for their losses while some might be jobless and will take months to find a job.

For most people, they will be considering traveling as it will be risky. I am not sure what is the new direction for International travels as will there be compulsory quarantine or not.

Taking most of the tough questions away, where to travel after CMCO?

Ideally, I will look at the local places that I often neglected due to my frequent International travel. I will be looking forward to revisits the islands that I miss and the venture to new towns and cities in Peninsula Malaysia and East Malaysia will be next.

If our government plans to open borders and let us travel internationally without quarantine, I will highly recommend Thailand and Singapore via land. Then, I will recommend the least risky countries with the least COVID-19 cases like Macao, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Vietnam.

I foresee many people will drive up to Southern Thailand when the government open the borders with lesser restriction like no compulsory quarantine as it is will be safer in my opinion. You drive your vehicle so you know it is clean, you wear your mask, get your sanitizers and wash your hands frequently and follow the social distancing rules, I think the risk is lower. Consider places like Hatyai, Betong, Phatthalung, Krabi, Satun and more in Southern Thailand where COVID-19 cases are at the least.

You might agree or disagree but it is up to you to weigh the risks to travel after CMCO. So Where to Travel After CMCO? Domestic travel first and border countries with lesser risk like Thailand and Singapore via land. This is purely my opinion and please travel when it is safe and legal to do so. For now, please stay at home and be safe!

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  1. Still I think it is very risk.

    The virus has evolved, making it difficult to be detected.

    So play safe for a few months or 1 year until a vaccine is found.

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