February 26, 2024


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Metrojaya Is Not Shutting Down

We blogged about Metrojaya Bhd is folding Two Companies yesterday and many misread and thought that Metrojaya and East India Company To Close Down which is not the case. Sorry if we caused any confusion as we meant that they are closing the two dormant companies. In short, Metrojaya is not shutting down.

We posted this on our updated blog and we post this again and this is the official statement by MetroJaya on their Official Facebook Page.

Sorry to have caused any panic and concerns to our valuable customers and all concerned parties on the news announcement that came out recently stating that Metrojaya will be winding up and closing down.

To clarify, Metrojaya is definitely still in business and we have lots to offer to our customers!

The two entities filed for voluntary winding up were dormant companies. Metrojaya Department Store Sdn Bhd and East India Company Clothing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd are not related to our current operations.

Metrojaya is operating under MJ Department Stores Sdn Bhd. We have addressed this issue, so do look out for the official clarification from Bursa Malaysia tomorrow.

Thank you for your concern and keep a look out for more of our activities and sales that is coming real soon!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/METROJAYAMY/photos/a.132993352113/10158378146822114/?type=3&theater

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There are three Metrojaya departmental stores and they are in Mid Valley Megamall, The Curve and Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. They are also two MetroJaya outlets at Brem Mall in Kepong and Permaisuri Imperial City Mall in Miri and there is one East India Company outlet at AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Mall in Klang.

Growing up in KL, I am sure many people had good memories with Metrojaya Departmental stores especially in the 1980s to early 2000s. Metrojaya opened in Pertama Complex in the 1970s and I have lots of good memories of their Bukit Bintang Plaza outlet. They also used to be in Berjaya Times Square.

I spent lots of time in Metrojaya Bukit Bintang Plaza during 1990s as I worked in that area part time after school and during college times. Lots of good memories during those days and if you miss Metrojaya like we do, please support them at this time so they will be around forever.

Lastly, we need to remind everyone that Metrojaya Is Not Shutting Down.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/METROJAYAMY/photos/a.132993352113/10158378146822114/?type=3&theater

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