July 7, 2022

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Restoran Sri Karak PJ New Town

restoran sri karak yt

This is our third time blogging about this restaurant. We visited this restaurant more than 10 years ago and we recently visited the restaurant after MCO. Restoran Sri Karak opened in 2003 in PJ New Town and they have been operating for 17 years. From day one until today, the restaurant offers ‘pork free’ Chinese cuisine up to today.

Restoran Sri Karak is located at the corner lot, opposite Menara MPPJ and the same row with RHB bank. There are multi storey parking lots near the restaurant.

restoran sri karak
Restoran Sri Karak
restoran sri karak freshly baked bread
Breads at Restoran Sri Karak

The restaurant has been featured in various media such as TV, magazines, blogs, newspaper and more. Recently, Ho Chak did a special TV episode on their food too and we were told it will be out during Malaysia Day.

restoran sri karak homemade bread
Freshly baked breads

Restoran Sri Karak offers two section, their bakery section and the restaurant section. They have their own bakery kitchen and they bake fresh breads and pastries every day!

restoran sri karak egg tarts
Portuguese Tart

For pastries, they offer freshly baked breads, Chinese pastries such as egg tart, kaya puff, cakes, swiss rolls, durian tarts, Portuguese tarts, ‘Durian Bombs’ and more.

restoran sri karak kaya puff
Kaya Puff

What we like about their pastries is they are freshly baked from the oven and they are delicious.

restoran sri karak durian tart
Durian Tart

The owner of Restoran Sri Karak comes from Karak Pahang and they have their own durian orchard so they can offer durian tarts and durian bombs all year round using the durian flesh.

restoran sri karak durian bomb
Durian Bomb

You will notice many customers coming in and out ordering the pastries for dine in or take away. They have been sell these pastries for years.

restoran sri karak set

Now, let’s talk about their food. They offer pork free Chinese food with HALAL ingredients only. The restaurant is popular for their Sang har noodles for years.

restoran sri karak sang har
Signature Sang Har Mee

Sang har mee is also known as fresh water prawn noodles or river prawn noodles. The price of the sang har mee is determined by the weight of the prawn so the bigger the prawn is, the pricier the dish is.

restoran sri karak sang har
Signature Sang Har Mee

What you can expect is the springy egg noodles coated with the tasty sauce and it complements well with the fresh and delicious prawn (cut onto 2 pieces) with amazing texture. The taste of the sauce is always important as it balance carries the taste of the noodles and the prawn. The consistency of the Sang Har Mee has brought the restaurant many loyal customers who come back for more.

restoran sri karak roast duck
Roast Duck

Their version of roast duck comes with crispy skin with amazing texture and it complements well with rice or dried noodles. If you are craving for roast duck, you can order a quarter duck or more.

sri karak fish
Steamed Red Snapper Fish with Gravy

In Chinese, this is called ‘Cheong Cheng Hong Jou’ and in English, it should be steamed red snapper fish with gravy. This red snapper is steamed to perfection with the fish is not overcooked or undercooked (obviously) and it retains the beautiful texture of the fish. While the gravy offers strong flavor, it didn’t overwhelm the taste of the dish.

restoran sri karak bitter gourd with water spinach
Stir Fried Bitter Gourd with Chinese Spinach

This is Stir Fried Bitter Gourd with Chinese Spinach or in Chinese it is called ‘fu kua with yun choy’. What is so interesting about this dish is they manage to balance the taste of bitter and sweetness. The unique blend of taste offers a unique dish that will play with your taste bud.

restoran sri karak pj new town

Overall, we enjoyed the pastries and food in Restoran Sri Karak and PJ New Town. Visited them for the past 17 years and they remained consistent on their food quality and taste. If you never visited Restoran Sri Karak, you can check them out at PJ New Town.

Restoran Sri Karak PJ New Town

Opening Hours: 10.30 am to 10 pm

Address: 17, Jalan 52/8, Bandar Baru Petaling Jaya, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 012-929 3240

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