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Things To Do in Krabi Thailand

It is one of the best places to visit in Southern Thailand. Krabi is a province in West Southern Thailand and it is located ideally near Phuket Island and the beautiful Andaman Sea. We have visited Krabi a few times in the span of ten years and we have seen the development of this beautiful beach town onto a tourist town.

things to do in krabi

Krabi is still unknown to many Southeast Asians but it is already a popular tourist haven for Europeans especially Scandinavians. Krabi is popular for its natural beauty, beach, islands, shopping and food. We loved the island tours, the scenic Aonang beach, shopping in Krabi Town as well as the delicious street food of Aonang.

We have brought and recommended friends to visit Krabi. Krabi remained one of our top holiday destinations in Thailand. Hence, we are planning our trip to Krabi in the near future.

For those who wonders what are things to do in Krabi, we have compiled a full list of things to do as below:

Krabi Attractions:

Emerald Pool and Blue Pool Krabi Thailand

krabi blue pool wide shot

This is one of the most unique destinations in Southern Thailand and Thailand. Imagine natural pool in the middle of rainforest and the colour of these pools are in emerald and blue colour. The place is called the Emerald Pool and Blue Pool of Krabi.

The location of this pool is about 55 km from the town and you probably need at half day to travel to this place. You can go to this place via taxi, hired van or self drive or follow a package tour from the city or Aonang.

The unique part of this blue and emerald pool is this is the the natural colour of the pool in the jungle. This is not man made and everything is by nature. Please make sure you bring water, towel, clothes to change if you intend to visit this place. Walking into the Emerald pool will take at least 20 minutes.

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Tiger Cave Temple Krabi (Wat Tham Suea)

The temple is one of the most sacred Buddist sites in the province and well known for the tiger paw prints in the cave, the tall Buddha statues and the stairs to reach to the peak of the hill.

tiger cave temple peak

There are many local tours offer Tiger Cave Temple Krabi (Wat Tham Suea) part of their day tour or you can take a tuk tuk or taxi to this temple. Bring your own water and remember not to disturb the cheeky monkeys.

Read more: https://www.placesandfoods.com/2014/06/tiger-cave-temple-krabi-wat-tham-suea.html

For travel booking, you can book it at https://www.kkday.com/en/product/10987?cid=8500 and it is inclusive of Emerald Pool and Tiger Cave Temple.

Island Tours

There are a few island tours available from Krabi and so far we did two island tours. We did the Four Island Tours as well as the Full Day Phi Phi Island Hopping Tour. Comparison with the two island tours, the Full Day Phi Phi Island Hopping Tour is more hectic but you get to see more.

Island Hopping Tour from Krabi: Phi Phi Island/Bamboo Island/Viking Cave/Pileh Island

phi viking cave entrance
Viking Cave

The itinerary is from morning until late afternoon and there are many people offering this tour, you can get it from Aonang Beach, Hotel or even Airport and the price varies. We highly recommend you to get it from online travel company like Kkday at https://www.kkday.com/en/product/6420?cid=8500

pileh bay boats scenery
Piley Bay

Phi Phi Island,Bamboo Island,Viking Cave and Pileh Island offer crystal clear turquoise colour sea water that will blows your mind away.

This island tour is one of the highlights of Krabi and if you miss this, you might regret it.

The Phi Phi Island,Bamboo Island,Viking Cave and Pileh Island is inclusive of lunch pack, snorkeling gears and also pick up and return to your hotel. You can book online at https://www.kkday.com/en/product/6420?cid=8500 and you can also read more at https://www.placesandfoods.com/2012/11/don-phi-phi-lay-island-tour-bamboo-island-viking-cave-pileh-bay-loh-samah-bay-maya-bay-hin-klang-and-monkey-beach.html

Four Island Hopping Tours:  Tup Island, Chicken Island, Poda Island and Phra Nang Cave.

This is the first island hopping tours we did in Krabi as we went to Krabi a couple of times.

Chicken Island

There is a sand bridge in between the Tup Islands and it will be gone during high tide, that is something interesting you should know.

Phra Nang Cave

The Phra Nang Cave host the local ‘Penis’ temple in case you are curious what is the penis temple is. This Phra Nang area is popular with rock climbing as well as its beaches.

You can book this tour at KKday at https://www.kkday.com/en/product/6417?cid=8500. The tour will be inclusive with light lunch as well as pick up and return to your hotel.

The Krabi Airport is very far from the Aonang Beach area and it is closer to the Krabi Town. Please take note that there are surcharges for hotels that offer the pick up and return transfer from the airport. You might consider self drive if you are adventurous.

Krabi is more laid back compare to Phuket so there are not many night entertainments in this part of Thailand. You can find some bars or discos at Aonang Beach and lesser in Krabi Town.

Krabi Center Point

Krabi Center Point

Krabi Center Point is probably one of the night life places you can visit in Krabi. They are located in Aonang and you can find value for money cocktails in the bars here. The nightlife here is vibrant but subtle compare to Phuket or Pattaya.

If you plan to visit the islands, stay along the Aonang Beach and the sunset view at the beach is stunning.

Please take note that there are direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Krabi by AirAsia or you can also drive from Malaysia to Krabi.

We have plans to revisit Krabi Thailand in 2021 and re-update the things to do in Krabi on our blog and our Youtube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/placesandfoods. Stay tuned for more updates on the borders opening in Thailand / Malaysia in the future.

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