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Fruity Cake House Klang Famous Apple Strudel

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Fruity Cake House Klang Famous Apple Strudel

We went to Klang a few days ago and we went to the famous Regent Pandan Layer Cake Shop but it was closed so we went to another popular cake house, the Fruity Cake House famous for their Apple Strudel. If you ask most Klang people, they will know about this place.

fruity cake shop

Fruity Cake House is located at corner lot, No. 107, Lebuh Turi, Off, Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, Taman Chi Liung. Their location is on Google Map so it is quite easy to find and parking might be hard to find (depending on your luck).

fruity cake shop klang

Due to the COVID-19 SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), they limit a number of customers in the cake at once. They are fully compliance of the COVID-19 SOP as the government is getting tough on regulations which is good to prevent the spread of the virus.

fruity cake shop apple strudel in boxes

The top seller for this Fruity Cake House is their famous apple strudel. It is sold in boxes and one customer is allowed to purchase five boxes of apple strudel. Each box is sold at RM 30 and you need to put it in the fridge.

fruity cake shop CREAM HORN

We also check out their ‘Tultti Fuitti’, their version of fruit cake for RM 8.50 per piece and their famous Cream Horn at RM 3.90 per piece.

fruity cake shop fruit cake

The Tultti Fuitti is soft in texture and the taste is subtle and yet refreshing. Our boys love the peach, strawberry and the cream and this is delightful.

fruity cake shop cream horn

The Cream Horn comes with sweet caramelized crust with cream inside. The cream horn is tasty and this goes well with a cup of tea or even a cup of coffee during anytime of the day. This is a must buy!

fruity cake shop apple strudel

The apple strudel is huge and the crust is heavily caramelized and you can find lots of sugar on top.

Cutting it onto pieces could be slightly messy but it is worth. Despite the tons of sugar on its crust, we truly enjoy their apple strudel. It comes with generous amount of juicy apples with the flaky caramelized crust.

fruity cake shop apple strudel close up

Apple strudel is meant to be sweet so you can stop counting calories for this one.

To be honest, we don’t mind visiting Fruity Cake House Klang Famous to buy their Apple Strudel again. It is worth the trip.

Fruity Cake House Klang

Address: No. 107, Lebuh Turi, Off, Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, Taman Chi Liung, 41200 Klang, Selangor

Phone: 03-3373 1071

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