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Sang Har Mee at Sang Kee at Lorong Yap Ah Loy KL

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Sang Har Mee at Sang Kee at Lorong Yap Ah Loy KL

The first time we visited this hidden restaurant was more than 10 years ago. We blogged about in 2009 and we revisited the restaurant after MCO. Sang Kee is located at Lorong Yap Ah Loy KL and they are popular for their Sang Har Mee and Beef Hor Fun.

sang kee har mee

When we visited Sang Kee in 2009, it was packed with customers. You can find many bankers enjoying their feast here for lunch as the restaurant is open from 11 am to 3 pm.

The restaurant was not packed like it used to be and we seated outside. Both of us ordered the Sang Har Yee Mee and Beef Hor Fun.

The Sang Har Yee Mee comes with one huge piece of freshwater prawn (sang har) and cut into two pieces. Most Sang Har Mee uses egg noodles but they uses yee mee instead.

sang kee sang har noodle

The yee mee is for single portion and the taste is still as good as it is. We enjoy the taste of the yee mee as well as the taste of the sauce as it comes with hints of the Chinese wine and also the prawn’s egg. This Sang Har Yee Mee still taste as good as we can remember in the past.

sang kee sang har mee

In case you are wondering, the Sang Har Yee Mee cost around RM 60-70 per plate (for one pax) depending on the size of the freshwater prawn. Do make sure you ask the price of the sang har yee mee first as this price is quite ‘standard’ compare to other sang har mee prices in Klang Valley.

sang kee beef hor fun noodles

The beef hor fun is also their signature dish and this is probably one of the best in Kuala Lumpur. We are not making this up as this is really good.

sang kee beef hor fun

First of all, the hor fun texture is smooth and the sauce is strong in flavor while the beef slices are tender and delicious. Look at the amount of the beef on that hor fun and you won’t regret ordering this.

sang kee beef hor fun close up

The stark difference between now and back then is the crowd. There are no more long queues and half of the restaurant is occupied. We don’t see that huge group of bankers dining in this restaurant anymore and maybe everyone is keeping a watch on their spending. Probably, we went on their quiet day and we do hope all the best for them.

sang kee placesandfoods

The food is still good and their pricing remains more the less the same. Is it worth the visit? It is definitely a big yes but probably order their beef hor fun. Times are bad, we can’t eat sang har mee so often these days. This is the famous Sang Har Mee at Sang Kee at Lorong Yap Ah Loy KL and they accept Touch n Go Ewallet.

Sang Kee Lorong Yap Ah Loy

Opening Hours: 11 am to 3 pm

Address: 5A, Jalan Yap Ah Loy, City Centre, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 019-373 9135

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