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Han Korean BBQ Restaurant C180 Cheras

We went to this restaurant before COVID 19 and this is one of the few Korean BBQ restaurants in Cheras. This is not a popular or viral restaurant and hence you might not know them. Han Korean BBQ restaurant is located at Dataran C180 and if you are familiar with this area, getting parking space can be a daunting task.

han korea bbq

Han Korean BBQ restaurant is a typical Korean BBQ restaurant and each table comes with the grill and indoor ventilator or some people called it barbeque smoke exhaust pipe. The purpose of it is the same, to vacuum the smoke from the grill.

They offer ala-carte and set menu for their Korean BBQ. When you order ala-carte Korean BBQ set, it will come with the small side dishes (Banchan in Korean) and there are 12 of them!

han korea bbq side dish

Some of the Banchan includes fried egg, potato salad, beansprout, kimchi, potato, seaweed and more.

han korea bbq c180 pork

We ordered the Korean BBQ Pork Ala-Carte Set. It comes with three layer pork and look at the photo. It is as good as it looks. The pork will be cooked with the onion.

han korea bbq pork

They can cook it for you or you can DIY. We prefer DIY as want our pork to be crispier and yet tender when you bite it.

han korean bbq sauce

They also prepared the lettuce and the condiments like the fermented bean paste (ssamjang), oil mix with pepper and salt, green chilli and garlic to wrap the meat. The combination of the taste is really good especially with the tender and delicious BBQ pork!

This is a decent Korean BBQ restaurant and to be honest it is hard to go wrong with Korean BBQ. We enjoyed the Banchan and the price here is pretty reasonable. Please do comment if visited Han Korean BBQ Restaurant C180 Cheras and let us know what you think.

han korea bbq c180

During this CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order), remember to follow the SOP. Please take care of yourself and be safe. Kita jaga kita.

Han Korean BBQ Restaurant C180 Cheras

Opening Hours: 11 am to 11 pm

Address: G & 2- Dataran C180, 2, Jalan 2/1, Cheras 11 Miles, 43200 Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Phone: 03-9082 7742

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