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Tsukemen Tetsu JR Gate Tower Nagoya

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Tsukemen Tetsu JR Gate Tower Nagoya

This is a surprise find in Nagoya. Tsuekemen Testu is one of the popular tsukemen restaurants in Tokyo and we were glad to know that they have an outlet at JR Gate Tower in Nagoya. This is one of the few times we had tsukemen in Japan and our first time having this Japanese ramen dish is in Malaysia three years ago. We had it at Mitsuyado Sei-men The Starling Mall Damansara Utama Malaysia, a branch of one of the pioneers of tsukemen in Japan.

tetsu tsukemen nagoya

What is tsukemen?

Tsukemen is a Japanese ramen dish that consists of ramen (hot or cold) and a separate bowl of broth and soup. The way to eat this is to dip the ramen into the bowl of broth and soup before you enjoy the noodle. The broth or soup works like dipping sauce so this is a different way of enjoying ramen.

We went to Tsukemen Tetsu after our visit to Nagoya Castle and we were hungry and that is the reason why there were not many photos.

We ordered their Tsukemen for dinner. This is comfort food in Japan and it is always nice to drop by at one of these tsukemen restaurant, have a bowl of warm noodle during winter time.

We ordered their signature Super Tsukemen.

tsukemen tetsu nagoya noodle

Tetsu’s tsukemen noodles are made from bread flour and udon noodle flour and this is exclusively for Tetsu.

tsukemen tetsu nagoya egg
The side dish, pork, menma bamboo shoots and egg

Their broth for dipping the noodles is fish and chicken based broth and it takes a few days to create the taste and hence the strong dipping flavour.

tsukemen tetsu nagoya meat
The side dish, pork, menma bamboo shoots and egg

We added egg and seaweed and we mix it all together instead of dipping it as we were too hungry after a long day touring in Nagoya.

tsukemen tetsu nagoya ramen
We mix together and this is not the right way to eat but it is still very enjoyable

We didn’t do the right steps to eat the tsukemen but if you want to do it with the right way, please read

The intense flavour of the dipping sauce it the highlight of tsukemen. Their noodles are al dente and dipping sauce goes really well with it. The pork is soft and tender in texture. In short the tsukemen is a bowl of happiness when you need a strong flavour ramen during the cold weather in winter.

The flavour of tsukemen is stronger than the usual ramen so do manage your expectation but you will enjoy it.

If you never tried tsukemen and you are in Nagoya, you should visit Tsukemen Tetsu JR Gate Tower Nagoya. You can check out all our stories on Nagoya Japan at Tsukemen TETSU started off as a small shop in August of 2005 and they have 27 shops as of April 2018.

tsukemen tetsu nagoya station

We visited Nagoya before COVID 19 pandemic and please take note that travel when it is safe to do so. Plan now and travel when it is safe to do so. Due to the sudden rise of COVID 19 cases in Malaysia and around the world, please take care yourself and be safe.

Tsukemen Tetsu JR Gate Tower Nagoya

Opening Hours: 11 am to 11 pm

Address: 12F JR Gate Tower, Nagoya. 1 Chome-1-3 Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 450-6612, Japan


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