December 9, 2023


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Allegation of OLDTOWN White Coffee BBQ Chicken As Pork

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Allegation of OLDTOWN White Coffee BBQ Chicken As Pork

There are few viral posts have been ongoing on Facebook, one related to a resort in Pulau Redang and one is about this OldTown White Coffee restaurant accused of selling pork. From what we read and understand that someone made an allegation of OldTown White Coffee BBQ Chicken As Pork.

oldtown white coffee pork

Old Town White Coffee released their official statement on their Facebook page on the matter and you can read it at

old town non halal

In summary, OldTown White Coffee in Malaysia is the license holder of Sijil Pengesahan Halal Malaysia (SPHM) since 2010. The authorities from Kementerian Dagangan Dalam Negeri Dan Hal Ehwal Penguna (KPDHNEP) also visited their outlets for further investigations and confirmed that the allegation is untrue.

JAKIM also gave their explanation on their official Facebook Page at

oldtown jakim

We are not a big fan of OldTown White Coffee but we dine in whenever we flew in KLIA (as they are one OLDTown White coffee outlet in Departure) and hence we tasted the OldTown White Coffee BBQ Chicken in the past.

old town bbq chicken
Source:  KPDNHEP Selangor (Facebook)

From a glance the BBQ Chicken looks like a BBQ pork or char siew but it is chicken. The red dye makes the outer layer red but this is never a pork. For those who mistaken it as pork is common but accusing it as pork is another thing.

We won’t be commenting much as there is already statement from JAKIM and the authorities are verifying on the BBQ Chicken.

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