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Fuji Japanese Restaurant Terminal 21 Bangkok

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Fuji Japanese Restaurant Terminal 21 Bangkok

If you travel to Bangkok Thailand, you probably seen Fuji Japanese Restaurants in most popular malls in the city. You can also find Fuji Japanese Restaurant in both Bangkok airports, Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport. The restaurant also available in most cities in Thailand. In one of our visits in Bangkok, we dined in Fuji Japanese Restaurant Terminal 21 Bangkok.

fuji japanese restaurant bangkok

The Fuji Japanese Restaurant is located on the 4th floor of Terminal 21 Asoke Bangkok at Lot 4015. This is pre-COVID 19 visit and the Fuji Restaurant is usually busy with locals. It is very easy to recognize the restaurant as their logo is the Mount Fuji with dark blue wordings of Fuji Japanese Restaurant.

The concept is family oriented with tables and chairs and most finishing in the restaurant is white in colour. The menu comes in English and they offer many different types of Japanese food.

We went Fuji Japanese Restaurant Terminal 21 Bangkok to for dinner after a long day of traveling and walking in city. We ordered quite a number of food such as salad, sushi, steak, yakiniku and salad.

fuji restaurant bangkok salad salmon
Smoked Salmon Salad สลัดปลาแซลมอนรมควัน (230 Baht)

fuji restaurant bangkok salad deep fried crab
Soft Shell Crab Salad สลัดปูนิ่ม 170 Baht

fuji restaurant bangkok nigiri unagi
Unagi Nigiri ข้าวปั้นหน้าปลาไหล 270 Baht

The unagi nigiri is per plate so we ordered two plates of the sushi (6 pieces). What you need to know that the unagi (grilled eel) is a big piece and the texture of it is really good. This is worth it considering the big cut of the unagi.

fuji restaurant bangkok special steak
Fuji Special Steak Set ชุดสเต็กเนื้อคัดพิเศษ 390 Baht

The Fuji Japanese Restaurant offers various types of steaks and we ordered their Fuji Special Steak. The beef is cut beautifully into cubes and they are delicious even though we ordered it medium instead of the usual medium rare.

fuji restaurant bangkok chicken yakiniku
Chicken Yakiniku Set ชุดไก่ซีอิ๊วกะทะร้อน 260 Baht

Their chicken yakiniku set is equally tasty as the chicken is well marinated and cooked to perfection.

fuji restaurant bangkok mussels garlic
Mussel Garlic Yaki หอยแมลงผัดกระเทียม 160 Baht

We can’t resist ordering their mussels cooked with garlic. Remember to add some lime for the acidic flavor onto these tasty fresh mussels.

fuji restaurant bangkok sashimi special
Sashimi (Special) ปลาดิบชุดพิเศษ 670 Baht

Their Sashimi special comes with three pieces of Maguro, Tako, Salmon, Unagi, Hamachi and Kani Kama. In total there six different types of seafood and 18 pieces of sashimi. The strange thing is they included the unagi as sashimi and probably this is labelled as special. The seafood is fresh and it is always good to serve cold on the crushed ice and this is pretty good.

This is another quick review of Fuji Japanese Restaurant Terminal 21 Bangkok from one of our trips in Bangkok. We can’t wait to travel to Bangkok again and most likely in 2021.

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Fuji Japanese Restaurant Terminal 21 Bangkok


4015, 4th Floor, Terminal 21 Bangkok

 88 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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