June 9, 2023

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Tamsui Famous Food Agei New Taipei City Taiwan

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Tamsui Famous Food Agei New Taipei City Taiwan

We visited Tamsui in New Taipei City in Taiwan on our last trip. We spent a day at Tamsui discovering the district and some of the local famous food. One of the must try is Agei, created in Tamsui in 1965.

Agei is named after the creator and their shop is called Original Ah Gei. The restaurant we visited is called 淡水渡船頭阿給老店 and this is near the river.

There are many restaurants selling Agei and you can visit the original Agei restaurant if you have the time.

We visited this restaurant when they started opening their restaurant. The people here sounds very serious as they kept asking us for orders while we were busy filming and taking photographs for their restaurant and food.

They were preparing the Agei and there are three staffs are working on many Agei. We assume this is a popular restaurant as there are hundreds of Agei they are preparing to cook.

Tofu skin for Agei

The good thing is they are making it fresh in the morning and they were stuffing the mung bean glass noodles. They will add on the fish paste before it is cooked.

They are stuffing the mung bean glass noodles into the tofu skin

The end product is a huge tofu stuffed with mung bean glass noodles with fish paste. This comes with the stewed pork sauce and also chili sauce.

Freshly made daily

The first bite of Agei reminds us of Malaysia’s Yong Tau Fu. The chili adds a bit spiciness and also enhances the taste of Agei.

Age is sold at 40 TWD which is quite value for money for its size. For the taste, we mentioned early it is similar with Malaysia yong tau fu so there was no surprise on that. We must mention that the tofu skin and the filling is fresh, love the texture and the taste.

The end product and the taste is similar with Malaysia’s yong tau fu

They also offer meat balls which is quite delicious if it is complement with the chili sauce.

Agei is definitely a must try if you are in Tamsui New Taipei City Taiwan. There are many shops so do research which shop that you probably want to visit. The original Agei restaurant is still around and there are many others selling the same Agei. This is the Tamsui Famous Food Agei at New Taipei City.


Opening Hours: 8 am to 10.30 pm

Address: No. 4, Lane 11, Zhongzheng Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 251

Phone: +886 2 2623 3398

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