January 31, 2023

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FashionTV F Pop-up Café to Open at The Sail Melaka

This is something cool to share for fashionistas and FashionTV lovers! FashionTV, the leading platform for trending fashion and lifestyle broadcasting will open its internationally recognised café in The Sail Melaka by Sheng Tai International Sdn Bhd’s (Sheng Tai International).

As an award-winning home-grown developer and specialist in property tourism, Sheng Tai International mooted the idea to bring the highly sought after and exclusive brand to Malaysia as the pop-up café has made an impression in other venues which include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok and China.

The FashionTV café, known worldwide as F Pop-up Café, will bring to life the opulence and glamour of the fashion world to Melaka’s largest mixed development project to date. The FashionTV F pop-up café will be the place to meet and be the hub to cater to jet setters, fashionistas and tourists from all over the world.

This will be the coolest café in Melaka and probably in Malaysia. As mentioned there are only a limited of FashionTV F pop-up café in Asia and around the world and hence you should check this out.

A Licensing Agreement was signed between Dato’ Leong Sir Ley, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sheng Tai International and Alona Fischbein, Director of Fashion TV. Under the agreement, Sheng Tai International will have the right to operate F Pop-up Café in Malaysia exclusively. The signing was done virtually due to the health crisis experienced by the world at the moment.

Dato’ Leong Sir Ley of Sheng Tai International said, “Even while we are in the midst of dealing with this global pandemic, we are excited to be able to pursue this pop-up café with such a well-known brand, as FashionTV. As we navigate through unchartered territory, we believe we will still be able to come together and create something wonderful for the future.”

“The signing of the agreement is a testament to our ability and commitment towards building a better future for Melaka and Malaysia, as a whole.”

“As we steer our way through recovery from the economic situation caused by the spread of COVID-19, both Sheng Tai International and FashionTV are determined to persevere in order to further solidify our partnership and presence in the industry. We are looking to open up ten more F Pop-up Café in the next three years,” added Dato’ Leong.

Inspired by Admiral Zheng He’s voyage to the West, The Sail Melaka is poised to emerge as Melaka’s central business district as well as be a globally iconic building. Leveraging on the legacy of the Melaka state and the historical Straits of Melaka, The Sail Melaka is designed to replicate a majestic ship.

Boasting unique facilities such as 250-metre sky ring connecting the nine towers, 4,090 square metre convention and exhibition centre and 360-degree elliptical-shaped experiential theatre, The Sail Melaka will definitely be a jewel in the crown of the Bandaraya Bersejarah. The Sail Melaka also features international sky-themed restaurants, sky garden and one of the longest rooftop pools in the region.

Alona Fischbein, Director of FashionTV, said, “We believe in the long heritage and future potential of Sheng Tai International, a brand with a unique and exciting business model and that is why we decided to open our first pop-up café in The Sail, Melaka. Through great vision and first-class execution, this partnership will enhance the fashion and glittery experience for Malaysians and the tourists who love the fashion industry.”

The F Pop-Up Café will be located at Phase 1, Sales Gallery of The Sail, Melaka. Set to be completed by Q32021, the pop-up café will be one of the main attractions at the iconic development.

Honestly, we can’t wait to check out FashionTV F pop-up café after their completion in 2021 and hopefully everything can be back to normal next year. On top of the FashionTV F pop-up café, The Sail Melaka is another interesting investment opportunity to check out in Malaysia.

It is official! FashionTV F Pop-up Café to Open at The Sail Melaka. Aspiring entrepreneurs or fashion enthusiasts who would like to work with Sheng Tai International to expand F Pop-up Café in Malaysia, kindly contact +6011 3737 3399.

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