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Ming Sate Hut Pork Satay Plaza Mahkota Melaka

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Ming Sate Hut Pork Satay Plaza Mahkota Melaka

This is a surprise find as we spotted Ming Sate Hut at Plaza Mahkota while we were chilling at Nadeje Café a few doors away. Apparently Ming Sate Hut is one of the popular places for pork satay and we doesn’t like pork satay right?

ming sate hut

Ming Sate Hut is located along Jalan Pm 4, Plaza Mahkota and just a few steps away from Nadeje Café. We were surprised to see it is busy even after lunch hours on weekday so we went to check out some of the reviews for this place.

It is a simple restaurant with couple of tables as it is the standard operating procedure for social distancing. There is a minimum order of ten sticks of satay and hence we ordered mixture of pork satay and pork intestines satay.

ming sate hut melaka

The pork satay and pork intestines satay is priced at RM 1 each. So for 10 sticks, it is only RM 10.

We went to the kitchen to check out how they cook their satay and you can see the old grandma is taking time fanning the flames of satays on the charcoal stove.

ming satay melaka grilling pork satay

The pork satay and pork intestines satay comes with the satay sauce with sliced cucumber and onion. The size of their satay is relatively small and probably slightly bigger than your pinkie.

ming satay melaka pork satay

For the taste of the pork satay, it is well marinated and grilled to perfection. The meat is tender and you can easily taste the turmeric flavor as well as the juiciness of the pork meat.

The pork intestines satay on the other hand is crispy and very delicious. It is very addictive and you can easily order ten more sticks of pork intestines satay.

ming pork satay melaka

The satay sauce is spot on and it is not too thick or too waterish. The spicy level is acceptable and it goes really well with the pork satays.

Overall, we enjoyed the pork satay and pork intestines satay. The size of the satays might be small but they are sure tasty. For pork satay lovers, you can consider visiting Ming Sate Hut and we don’t mind coming back again especially for the pork intestines satay.

Ming Sate Hut Pork Satay Plaza Mahkota Melaka

Opening hours: 12 noon to 5.30pm

Closed on Tuesdays

Address: Jalan Pm 4, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka

Phone: 06-286 3614

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