May 31, 2023

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Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen at Pavilion KL

This is one of the best tonkatsu restaurants in KL. Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen is established in 2010 and it was the first of its kind in Malaysia. Since then, you can find many other Japanese food restaurants opening in Klang Valley. Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen is a NON HALAL restaurant as they serve pork and alcohol. Tonkatsu simply means fried pork in breadcrumbs and you can find many tonkatsu restaurants in Japan as it is a popular food.

Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen has recently relocated to a new location at Pavilion KL. They are now located at Level 4 (C 4.06.01 & EC4.06.01) Pavilion KL, one level below the cinema.

The Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen now offers a bigger space and more tables as there were limited area in the previous outlet in Level 6 Pavilion KL.

The new Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen is spacious, bright and comfortable. The attentive staffs make sure we get our seats, our menu and our orders quick. The menu is still the same and let’s see what are the food we had at Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen.

Salmon Skin Salada (RM 18)

We started our feast with some green. This is their rresh salad topped with salmon skin. The salmon skin is crispy and crunchy and it adds the texture for the green.

Yakitori / Kushiyaki

Do you know they offer yakitori and kushiyaki in their new menu? We ordered the below:

Tori Momoniku (RM 8) – Chicken thigh with leek

Shiitake (RM 8) – Shitake Mushroom

Shishito (RM 8) – Japanese Green Pepper

Sasami Negi (RM 8) – Chicken breast with leek

Sasami Wasabi (RM 7) – Chicken breast with wasabi

Tebasaki (RM 9) – Chicken joint wings

Hotate (RM 8) – Scallop

This reminds us our food and traveling days in Japan. We always go to izakaya to have a cold beer with a tray of yakitori.

Their chicken yakitori is well marinated and it is grilled to perfection. The chicken joint wings is crispy on the outside and love the taste. The scallop is fresh and it is addictive with the sweet sauce.

You won’t have much complaints on their yakitori or kushiyaki but do remember to eat it while it is warm.

Bonjiri (RM 7) – Chicken Tail

This is a must order, the chicken tail is the chicken bum or chicken ass. Don’t freak out as this is the best part of the chicken for yakitori. The crispy outer layer with the juicy and tender texture will entice you to order for more. There are not many places offer chicken tail so remember to order this when you are at Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen.

Teba Age (RM 11)

Fried chicken wings with sweet sauce and black pepper. We love the crispiness of the skin and we will just going to take our own sweet time with our fingers to enjoy this fried chicken wings. Remember to squeeze the lemon for the acidic flavor to enhance the flavor.

Ei Hire (RM 15)

This is grilled stingray fin and to be honest our first time having this. At first we thought that this will be crispy but it is not. The texture of this is similar with grilled cuttlefish and this is quite a tasty snack. You must order this if you want to complement this with a cold glass of beer.

Buta Shogayaki Zen (RM 31)

This is something that we ordered quite frequently in Japan and it is the pan sautéed pork belly. The pan sauteed pork belly with ginger sauce served with sliced cabbage, tofu, pickled vegetables, pork vegetables miso soup and rice.

The pork belly is tender in texture and we enjoyed the well sautéed pork belly. The pork vegetables miso soup is filled with ingredients and it complements well with the pork belly as well as the Japanese rice.

Please take note that most ingredients used at Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen is imported from Japan and hence the taste and quality is good.

Spicy Chasu Ramen (RM 29)

This is their authentic Japanese ramen in flavourful spicy pork broth with special Chashu. The pork broth is strong in flavourful with hints of spiciness and the noodle is al dente.

Look at those beautiful eggs and the generous amount of chashu. The chasu is tender in texture and it goes so well with the noodles.

Hiyashi Katsu Don (RM 34)

If you want something special, check out their cold udon. The cold udon comes with deep fried pork loin and spinach vegetables.

Their tonkatsu comes with crispy breadcrumb layer while the meat is tender. Remember to dip the cold udon into the sauce and eat it with the pork.

You will get the cold and hot combination of this dish. The udon is cold while the deep fried pork loin is hot so there will be lots of things going on with your taste palette. If you are udon lover, you will love this for sure.

Chicken Katsu + Hire Katsu + Rosu Katsu Zen (RM 29 / RM 37 Set)

This is the trio of breaded tender chicken, pork filled cutlet and pork loin cutlet served with shredded cabbage, appetizer, pickled vegetables, pork vegetables miso soup and rice.

If you are kiasu and want to try everything together in a portion, you can order this set. You can actually taste the difference of each katsu and it is satisfying. It all depends what type of meat you like and texture too. For us, we love all of them.

The reason why they have so many regular customers is their tonkatsu. The perfect crispy skin and well marinated tender meat and don’t forget to dip into their katsu sauce with Japanese sesame seed. The end product is heart warming tonkatsu experience that you will adore.

Please take note that they also offering Special Set Promotion from 12 Nov t0 31 Dec 2020 as well as Opening Special from 12 Nov to 15 Dec 2020.

If you want to have one of the best tonkatsu in KL, please visit Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen at Pavilion KL

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Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen

Opening Hours: 11.30 am to 10 pm

Address: Level 4 (C 4.06.01 & EC4.06.01), Bukit Bintang St, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-21442992

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