May 31, 2023

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Aik Cheong Coffee Offer New Products

Aik Cheong Coffee is a household name in Malaysia. The 65 years’ Malaysian famous coffee brand Aik Cheong Coffee was founded in the year of 1955. The well-known Malaysian coffee brand Aik Cheong Coffee has its humble beginning in the year of 1955, along with it’s strong dedications and efforts in promoting excellent reputation, superior quality and exceptional level of products for customer satisfaction.

The Aik Cheong Coffee’s instant beverage products range from Black Coffee, White Coffee, Milk Tea (Teh Tarik), Hot Chocolate etc., are always the local’s favourite drinks. With the secret recipes that has been used along the years and brand philosophy inherited to her successors during these 60 years and with their persistence in leveraging the purest coffee beans in its production. Their products have gained more popularity in the market and successfully garnered the support from the loyal consumers as well as new customer. This year, Aik Cheong Coffee Offer New Products including Coffee Drip series and healthy food products which include Granola and Oatmeal.

Aik Cheong Coffee has always had the concept of “Enjoying the great taste of coffee at home” and with their strong initiatives in product innovation and development, they have successfully rolled out the new trend of ‘Hot Cup’ instant beverage which is called “IT’S more than just” products since June, last year (2019).

This new product range had garnered a great sales record of over 1 million cups sold in less than a year.

The Aik Cheong IT’s series comes with their packed ingredients inside the cup.

This make it very easy to for anyone to enjoy Aik Cheong IT’s Coffee Series.

You simply need hot water and put the ingredients and stir it. If you like strong coffee without sweetness, just don’t add the brown sugar.

The Aik Cheong IT’s Series is simple to carry around, the taste and aroma are very strong and this is super convenient. On top of coffee, they also offer chocolate and green latte flavour which is very enjoyable. We love the Aik Cheong IT’s series!

With their dedicated initiatives and innovation, Aik Cheong Coffee has recently rolled out their newly developed ‘BLACK. series range of products, which consist of four (4) new variants of Drip coffee and two (2) new variants Dip  coffee. With the concept of ‘BLACK TO BASIC’ this new range of products is intended to give consumers the natural taste of Black Coffee.

Adding with the tag line of ‘Me Moment Now’ this new range of products will certainly give all coffee lovers a new way to enjoy a cup of brew coffee in the comfort of their personal zone, and plans to give all consumers the idea of how a pure cup of ‘Black’ coffee is created. That’s why it is called ‘Black To Basic’. The Drip & Dip coffee series will have six (6) brand new variants, which consist of Ethiopia Yirgracheffe, Colombia Medellin, Guatemala Huehuetenango, Nicaragua Jinotega, Cold Brew Ethiopia Yirgracheffe and Milk Brew Colombia & Brazil Santos. 

On top of that, Aik Cheong Coffee also offers new range of Granola products and Oatmeal for health conscious customers. There are more people now who are looking for healthy food products at office or at home.

The Aik Cheong Granola Cup is easy to bring around and you just need to add Milk or Yogurt and that will complete a healthy meal. Things are simpler with design like this as you can just dispose the cup after the meal.

Aik Cheong Granola with Low Fat Milk

For your information, Aik Cheong Coffee’s ambassador is our national shuttler, Tan Boon Heong. Tan Boon Heong, is the renown shuttler who has won numerous international title including the Gold Medal for Men’s Doubles at the Asian Games in 2006, as well as other championships namely The Malaysian Open 2007, All England Championship, The Swiss Open and etc. With his great success in the international tournamnets, the then national badminton men’s double coach, Rexy Mainaky has complimented the pair is like a rising team which shines bright like a diamond, henceforth the name of Diamond Pair/Team has been granted to them.

Apart from the above achievements, Tan has also created a Guinness World Record with the fastest smash ever recorded at the speed of 493 km/h during the year 2010. On the same year and subsequent year. This pair has also won the Malaysian Open and the Runner-Up for All England Championship. These are the proud achievements by the Malaysian pair. His exceptional capabilities and persistent fighting spirits are well compatible with Aik Coffee’s business philosophy. In order to promote the brand to the international market and keep advocating the positive spirits of Tan and Aik Cheong Coffee, Aik Cheong Coffee has extended an invitation to Tan to represent them as the brand ambassador with a six-digit spokesperson’s offer and various officially collaborations with the new brand ambassador.

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