May 18, 2024


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Burapha Birds Nest Hatyai Thailand

Bird’s nest is considered one of the high protein and nutrients food that is popular among the Chinese. It is very expensive due to its rarity and it requires lots of hours to clean before it can be sold to the market. The bird’s nest are created by swiftlets’ solidified saliva. Thailand is one of the popular places for value for money bird’s nest and you can find Burapha Bird’s Nest in Hatyai.

burapha birds nest hatyai

We reviewed the lesser popular outlet, Golden City Bird’s Nest, รังนกสยาม, 金城燕窩 which is located next door. Burapha Bird’s Nest can be easily seen with its huge golden red signage. They are located opposite Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel in Hatyai, same row with Odeon Shopping Mall.

We still remember that having bird’s nest is a must when you travel to Thailand via travel agency. The main reason is it is cheaper to have it in Thailand than Malaysia or Singapore.

Burapha Bird’s Nest hatyai

When you enter the Burapha Bird’s Nest restaurant, you can see many different variants of bird’s nest available. The bird’s nest with the red spots are the high value ones.

They offer a few different types of bird’s nest and please do ask for the price when you order. They usually served in a small bowl. The cheapest one is diluted with the low range bird’s nest while the most expensive will comes with better quality bird’s nest. The texture of the bird’s nest depends on which type of bird’s nest you ordered. You pay peanuts, you get peanuts.

Burapha Bird’s Nest hatyai thailand

Most of these bird’s nest restaurants also offer food and shark fins soup. If you are not a fan of these, you can just go for the bird’s nest. Bird’s nest is believed to be good for your body. One bowl of bird’s nest is just a couple of hundred of Thai Baht depending on quality. Ask before you order, you will love the taste.

burapha birds nest

We know there are many people are eager to travel to Hadyai in the near future but due to the COVID-19, most travel plans are delayed. You can bookmarked this place so you can visit them when it is safe to travel.

Burapha Birds Nest Hatyai Thailand

Opening hours: 8 am to midnight

Address: ถนนตรอกสุคนธหงษ์ Hat Yai, Hat Yai District, Songkhla 90110, Thailand

Phone: +66 74 232 415

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