July 7, 2022

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Restoran Siaw Jia Kajang Pepper Soup

Kajang famous pepper soup is one of the must try and must eat food in this part of Klang Valley. In the past we have blogged about two Kajang pepper soup restaurants and they are Restoran Kee V and Restoran Siaw Kee. This is Restoran Siaw Jia and they are part of the same family of a few pepper soup restaurants in Kajang including Restoran Siaw Kee and Restoran Siaw Kok Leong.

restoran siaw jia kajang

Restoran Siaw Jia opened or relocated to this location two years ago. The restaurant is located corner of Jalan Berjaya 8 and Jalan Kajang Indah 1. Same people say this is the original pepper soup family member but we also confused to be honest, we just go for the food.

We went there for dinner and we ordered their popular pepper soup, salted fish with pork belly, hua tio chicken and sizzling pan tofu.

restoran siaw jia kajang pepper soup
Hot Pepper Soup

The hot pepper soup is strong with pepper taste with pork belly and other pork intestines. It is the stronger flavour of Singapore’s bakuteh. The Kajang hot pepper soup has been around for decades.

restoran siaw jia kajang salted fish with pork
Salted Fish with Pork Belly

restoran siaw jia kajang hua tiao chicken
Hua Tio Chicken

restoran siaw jia kajang pan tofu
Sizzling Pan Tofu.

Overall, the taste of the food is here is pretty mild and usual. The price of the food here is pretty reasonable. Compare to all the pepper soup restaurants we went, the taste of the hot pepper soup at Restoran Siaw Jia is pretty mild. Same goes to the salted fish with pork belly and hua tio chicken. Maybe we are used with strong flavor food from the nearby restaurants as we do find the taste of the food is pretty usual or ordinary. This is Restoran Siaw Jia Kajang Pepper Soup.

Be safe everyone and have a blessed New Year. Kita Jaga Kita.

Restoran Siaw Jia Kajang Pepper Soup

Address: Located corner of Jalan Berjaya 8 and Jalan Kajang Indah 1.

Phone: +60172978113

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