February 6, 2023

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Airasia Fresh introduces Fresh Pack

A new way of purchasing fresh groceries online is here with the launch of Fresh Pack by airasia fresh today, which allows shoppers to customise their grocery selection bundle at a flat price and have it delivered free to their doorstep at their convenient time, powered by Teleport

Airasia fresh introduces the customisable fresh groceries bundle or Fresh Pack comes in small or large size options with four categories: vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood. 

We have been using Airasia Fresh since they launched last October and they offer one of the best deals for fresh food and also frozen meat including frozen seafood. In fact, we blogged about this at https://www.placesandfoods.com/2021/01/use-airasia-big-points-for-airasia-fresh-purchase.html

To celebrate the launch of this first-of-its-kind customisable Fresh Pack and in conjunction with Chinese New Year, airasia fresh is offering all shoppers 50% off their second Fresh Pack purchase from 2 February to 28 February 2021. Each Fresh Pack order comes with a collectible limited edition grocery bag, available in four different designs, which will be released weekly throughout the month of February. The limited edition grocery bag was designed in collaboration with Penang-based illustrator and graphic designer Ong Lyn-Hui. 

All Fresh Packs and more are available on the airasia Asean super app by clicking on the ‘Fresh’ icon, or at airasia fresh.    

Maybel Chan, Head of airasia Fresh commented, “At airasia fresh, we aim to make it as convenient and affordable as possible for people to purchase their groceries online, especially fresh produce such as vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood. By leveraging on the airasia ecosystem which includes airasia farm, the B2B platform connecting farmers direct to business owners, we are able to offer the best value and affordability to the customers while directly benefiting farmers. As we continue battling this pandemic, online grocery shopping and delivery will further be ingrained as part and parcel of everyday life. Whilst there are boxed offerings out there, the difference with  our Fresh Packs are, you get to select what you want, at an affordable flat price, and conveniently delivered to you for free! So we urge Malaysians to continue to stay safe at home while we work to get your fresh groceries delivered to you.

“We offer great value and a large variety. We start from as low as RM30 for a pack of vegetables to a large seafood pack for RM95 which customers can select up to 7 kilos of seafood. And there are 40 different types of seafood to choose from!  For fruits we have up to 17 different types of amazing fruits from papayas to kiwi that a customer select”

“We are also happy to contribute towards the local economy by supporting the various local suppliers to reach more customers and create more jobs especially for Teleporters (delivery partners) as we expand our offerings on airasia fresh. Furthermore, we are still offering Unlimited Free Delivery throughout the whole MCO period by using the promo code STAYHOME with only a minimum spend of RM30.”

Shoppers on airasia fresh can also enjoy more savings and value by using BIG Points to pay for their purchases. This is one of the main reasons we shopped at airasia fresh as we still have many BIG points.

VEGETABLES [Small Pack: RM30; No. of Items: 6] [Large Pack: RM55; No. of Items: 11]
SEAFOOD [Small Pack: RM46; No. of Items: 4] [Large Pack: RM95; No. of Items: 7]
MEAT [Small Pack: RM55; No. of Items: 4] [Large Pack: RM100; No. of Items: 7]
FRUIT [Small Pack: RM35 ; No. of Items: 5] [Large Pack: RM55; No. of Items: 8]

As a customer, we love their competitive pricing, their schedule delivery by Teleport as well as their UNLIMITED FREE DELIVERY with spending just over RM 30 compare to other similar platforms.

Stay up to date with airasia fresh by following airasia fresh on Instagram (instagram.com/airasiafresh) and Facebook (facebook.com/airasiafresh).

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