June 24, 2024


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Drive and Listen at Cities Around The World

For those who read our blog for years, we are badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic like many other tourism related businesses. We have been staying at home for almost one year since Movement Control Order (MCO) last year. For frequent travellers like us, we just have to wait until things get better this year or most likely next year. We also want to thank to brands, clients and sponsors who helped us for the past year during this difficult time. We know many of us wanted to travel but we can’t so how about virtual traveling? We just found out this website / app called Drive and Listen and they focus on selected cities around the world.

drive and listen seoul

The website of ‘Drive and Listen’ at Cities Around The World is at https://driveandlisten.herokuapp.com/ and they have the app called ‘WorlDrive’. We have compared the ‘Drive and Listen’ website and app, the website offers more cities and more reliable than the app.

drive and listen tokyo

They offer ‘drive and listen’ at many major cities such as Amsterdam, Antalya, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Dublin, Haiwaii, Havana, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Mumbai, Munich, Moscow, New York City, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, Wuhan and many more cities on their website. There are only a few cities option for their app.

drive and listen melbourne

What we like about this Drive and Listen at Cities Around The World is it offers street view of selected cities with the street noise as well as ‘music’ for every city. The video quality for most cities are very sharp and it is pretty cool to feel and experience in different cities around the world.

We travelled to some of these cities like Barcelona, London, New York, Seoul, Singapore, Paris, Tokyo, Johannesburg and Melbourne so watching these videos reminded us our traveling time at those cities.

We realised that these are pre-recorded videos and we believed it is recorded pre-COVID 19 pandemic as most people in the videos are not wearing a mask even in Asian countries.

drive and listen london

This is something cool you can do or watch at home without traveling at the moment. Visiting the website and downloading the app is free and you do can donate at their website. Check it out at https://driveandlisten.herokuapp.com/.

drive and listen buenos aires

Just take care everyone and be safe. This is Drive and Listen at Cities Around The World. Check out all our travel stories at https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/travel-2. This is not a sponsored or advertorial post.

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