April 17, 2024


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Chinese New Year Snacks at C. China Chinatown Bangkok

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. Been busy at home for the past few days and thinking what story to share about Chinese New Year. How about Chinese New Year Snacks at C. China Chinatown Bangkok Thailand. This is not a sponsored post but we just want to share CNY related stories during this festive time.

chinatown bangkok

The photos are taken before Chinese New Year last year before COVID-19 pandemic and MCO (movement control order). This is one of the three trips we did last year to Thailand and it was a memorable trip.

We wore mask throughout our flight to Bangkok and it was hard and suffocating to be honest. Two hours flight with mask on considered still manageable and what if longer flight, we can’t imagine. Mask was not compulsory but we didn’t want to risk it so we wore most of the time.

bangkok mask on

Chinatown Bangkok is hidden gem in Bangkok. While many people loves the night markets and the shopping malls in the city, many have neglected Chinatown Bangkok. There are lots of food and things to do at Chinatown Bangkok.

c china bangkok chinatown

There are many shops offering Chinese New Years snacks along Yaowarat Road (main road) at Chinatown Bangkok and one of them is C. China. We just pick this shop in random and they offered the most competitive pricing among the other shops.

c china bangkok yaowarat

What you can find is ‘bakwa’ roast pork slices, pork floss, pork stick, pork crackers (thin sliced crispy pork) and other Chinese New Year snacks. You just pick what you want and they can packed into boxes and you can check in the boxes on your flight home. As simple as that.

c china bangkok chinatown pork

The pork floss and pork stick are the best as the kids loved it. Somehow we miss the close up shots of the packaging as the kids finished them.

c china bangkok chinatown snack

Their version bakwa is the slice type and the taste is different than our version. It is cheaper and it is still enjoyable.

For your information, Chinatown is a food haven in Bangkok. There are plenty of good food available in this part of Bangkok. If you are a food lover and want to taste the local street scene, please visit Chinatown Bangkok.

There is a new MRT station in Bangkok Chinatown and it is the Wat Mangkon MRT Station. It is located near the main road of Yaowarat and it is within five minutes of walking.

You can also consider staying in Chinatown Bangkok as there are plenty of boutique hotels. We stayed at Grand China Hotel, a four star hotel in Chinatown Bangkok. It is probably the best hotel in Bangkok Chinatown. Get the best deal with Agoda.com at https://www.agoda.com/grand-china-hotel/hotel/bangkok-th.html?cid=1538606

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