April 18, 2024


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Delicieux Café Jade Hills Kajang

This is the latest and newest café in Kajang. It is called Delicieux Café and it is located at No 27-2, Jalan Dataran Jade 1, Dataran Jade, Jade Hills. Deliciuex Café is located at the upper floor of Jade Coffee House.

delicieux cafe coffee and food

Deliciuex Café opened recently during Movement Control Order 2.0 (MCO) and we went to check out today since we drove past the café quite frequently. There are only two cafes in this part of Kajang and this is the latest one. There is one place called Bubbles Pastry Studio at the same row but that is not a café but online pastry studio.

There is a small stairs leading to the café in between of the Jade Coffee House and you will reach the main door.

Remember to scan your MySejahtera App and check your body temperature before entering.

delicieux cafe kajang

Let’s talk about first impression. The waiter opened the door and ushered us to our table. The café is spacious and we love the relaxing and colours of the interior.

delicieux cafe jade hills kajang

There is a long table in the middle of the café and we love the details of the interior just as the wooden panels, the barista island, the decorations on the walls as well how the bar area near the window.

delicieux cafe
delicieux cafe jade hills

The great thing is the air con is cold enough so you are sitting on the chair comfortably flipping through their menu. There are not many food options, they have some pasta, the fried and grill meat such as chicken chop, fish and chips and beef steak, nasi lemak and coffee.

delicieux cafe western menu
delicieux cafe menu pasta

delicieux cafe coffee menu

We ordered the fried chicken chop and cabonara with beef bacon and two cups of coffee latte.

Carbonara with Beef Bacon (RM 25)

delicieux cafe jade hills cabonara pasta
delicieux cafe cabonara with beef bacon

This is fettuccine in carbonara sauce with beef bacon and topped with parmesan cheese. For the price, we would love a bigger portion but overall the carbonara is very enjoyable. Love the crunchy bacon bits and creamy sauce.

Chicken Chop (RM 24)

delicieux cafe cripsy chicken chop

They called it ‘kok kok’ crunch as their version of chicken chop is breaded and crispy chicken chop. It is served with either BBQ or black pepper sauce complement with mashed potatoes and greens.

delicieux cafe chicken chop

This is probably the crispiest chicken chop we had for a very long time. The outer layer is breaded and crispy and it is deep fried to perfection.

delicieux cafe fried chicken chop

The chicken is juicy, texture is tender and tasty. If you are huge fan of fried chicken chop, you die die also must come and visit this café as it is worth it except the price. Saying that if it is tasty, it is worth it right?

Café Latte (RM 12)

delicieux cafe jade hills cafe latte

Their café latte is not as strong as we expected but it is still enjoyable especially when you plan to chill or to spend an hour or two reading or working on your laptop.

Overall, the food at Delicieux Café is good, better than we expected as many café food out there are overrated. The price is on the high side probably targeting the nearby neighbourhood as well as competing with the opposite Le Moon Café. If you do visit this place, remember to order that crispy fried chicken chop.

delicieux cafe places and foods

This is not a sponsored review or advertorial but if you like to have one, please contact us at [email protected]. This is Delicieux Café Jade Hills Kajang , take care and be safe everyone!

Delicieux Café Jade Hills Kajang

Opening Hours: 9 am to 6pm daily

Address: No 27-2, Jalan Dataran Jade 1, Dataran Jade, Jade Hills, 43000 Kajang, Selangor

Phone: 012-408 6829

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