March 1, 2024


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Property Tourism Offers Hope For Troubled Tourism Industry

The tourism industry is badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and for the past year. Like our friends from the tourism sector, we are badly affected by COVID-19. With the arrival of COVID-19 vaccine and the ongoing vaccination, it sends a glimmer of hope to Malaysia’s tourism industry, which has been significantly impacted by border closures and movement control measures. On top of that, the property tourism also offers hope for troubled tourism industry.


According to the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia welcomed 4.29 million tourists between January to September 2020. A decrease of 78.6% as compared to the previous corresponding period.

In order to enable the nation’s tourism industry to regain its losses and recover, a diversified property group today has urged the Government to encourage and support property tourism initiatives spearheaded by local property players.

Dato’ Leong Sir Ley, Founder and Chairman of Sheng Tai International Sdn Bhd (Sheng Tai International), “We are confident that property tourism can exponentially contribute to the tourism industry. Thus, providing a much-needed jump-start to an industry that has remained relatively dormant for more than one year because of the global pandemic.”

Dato Leong Sir Ley Founder and Chairman of Sheng Tai International
Dato’ Leong Sir Ley, Founder and Chairman of Sheng Tai International Sdn Bhd (Sheng Tai International)

“With the national immunisation plan underway and ahead of schedule, we expect borders to re-open soon. The property and tourism industries must be prepared to hit-the-ground-running as there is a lot of lost ground to catch up to. Property tourism can be a platform that kills two birds with one stone.”

Sheng Tai International is a pioneer in the property tourism industry in Malaysia. Since 2012, the Group has brought in over 50,000 people from China including Hong Kong, and Japan to visit the historical city of Melaka. In addition to providing the very best experience Melaka has to offer, the programme also showcases Sheng Tai International’s property offerings in the State. These include MetraSquare, Ames Hotel, Regalia Beachfront Residence and The Sail, its flagship RM6.5 billion development that is slated to be the future CBD of Melaka.

Dato’ Leong added, “Our property tourism initiative has also generated a positive multiplier effect to Melaka’s economy. After the wonderful experience, our participants will return home and tell their family and friends about it and we hear that many have returned in larger groups to visit Melaka.”

fashion tv melaka
FashionTV F Pop-up Café 

“Once the border re-opens and people are allowed to travel, Sheng Tai International plans to bring in a total of 8,000 participants on an annual basis. Our developments have progressed significantly over the year. We have formed strategic partnerships with global brands like FashionTV, IWG and Memorigin, to set up new and unique establishments that are new to Southeast Asia and Malaysia.”

“In view of this, Sheng Tai International would like to recommend that federal and State Governments collaborate to encourage more property players to embrace property tourism through matching grants, financial assistance, as well as multinational advertising and promotional activities.

“We believe that the property and the tourism sector can leverage on each other in a mutually beneficial manner,” she concluded.  

the sail melaka
The Sail Melaka

The property tourism can offers hope for troubled tourism industry as it offers new places of interest and it will attract more holiday goers from local and International. It is important for the availability of the interstate travel (when it is safe to do so) so it will boost the domestic tourism. For the past week, there are proposals by many countries to offer travel bubble for travellers with COVID-19 vaccination. This is important to boost our local tourism with International travellers especially from countries like Singapore and Thailand.

For more information about Sheng Tail International and its property tourism initiative, please visit or +6011 3737 3399.

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