January 27, 2023

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The Kra Isthmus Canal Thailand

This is the Kra Ishtmus and it is is also known as Kho Khot Kra in Thai. Why is this the talking point in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore recently, please read on. What is unique about Kra Isthmus is the Peninsula narrowest point and it is spanning a mere 53 km from the Gulf Of Thailand (east) to the Andaman Sea (west). There are plans to build the land canal at this part of Thailand like the Suez Canal or Panama Canal recently.

This Ranong province in Thailand bordering Myanmar.

The talk of building Kra Isthmus Canal started in 1677 up to today. Due to its narrow point, the Kra Isthmus Canal is ideal to be the ‘land bridge’ for the ships to bypass the busy Straits of Malacca including Malaysia and Singapore. If the The Kra Isthmus Canal happens, ships can use the land bridge and they can reduce shipping times in two to three days.

Kra Isthmus

You might have seen the photos of the proposed ‘land bridge’ of the Kra Isthmus Canal but what is it like at this part of Thailand.

Kra Isthmus Canal for the ‘land bridge’ project

We went to this part of Thailand in one of our driving trips and the Kra Isthmus is located at Ranong province in Southern Thailand.

If you drive from Chumphon to Ranong, you will pass by the Kra Isthmus. There is nothing here but just a few signage and information about Kra Isthmus. If you look at the photo, the land opposite the river is Myanmar and you literally swim over.

Myanmar is across the river.

There is not much development at this part of Thailand and the nearest tourist attraction is Ranong, the hot spring town and Chumpon, the coastal town.

One of the monuments at Kra Isthmus.

Recently, there are reports that Thailand to draft a study for a land bridge connecting the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea via the Southern Economic Corridor (SEC) and the project is designed to link up the SEC with the Eastern Economic Corridor.

Source: https://www.thestar.com.my/aseanplus/aseanplus-news/2021/03/05/thai-govt-launches-bt44bil-study-on-isthmus-of-kra-land-bridge-in-the-south

We are not expert of this but it will take decades for this The Kra Isthmus Canal to be a reality (if the project is approved in the future). The impact on this part of Thailand will be huge as it will divide the Southern area with a ‘land bridge’ and building the bridge will need lots of development and impact on the nature and surrounding area.

Kra Isthmus information and map.

This is Kra Isthmus in Southern Thailand, the narrowest point in peninsula and what you can find now are just signage, information and map. If you are interested to read more stories about Thailand, please check out https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/thailand

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