June 8, 2023

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BTS Meal McDonald’s Malaysia Review

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BTS Meal McDonald’s Malaysia Review

We blogged about  Malaysia is the first country to offer McDonald’s BTS Meal on 26 May 2021 due to the time zone. The BTS Meal will be launched in selected countries from 26 May to 25 June 2021. Today I went to a nearby McDonald’s to buy the BTS Meal for review.

This is the real deal. The real BTS Meal from McDonald’s Malaysia. The BTS Meal is available now at McDonald’s Malaysia today, 26 May 2021 a few hours ahead from other countries.

The BTS Meals McDonald’s Malaysia comes with 10 pieces of McNuggets, medium size fries, medium size Coca Cola with two special BTS sauces the Cajun Sauce and Sweet Chili Sauce. The BTS Meal is only one size and you can’t change the sauces or the drink. It is priced at RM 15 per set.

You can watch the Youtube video for full review.

It also comes with BTS McDonald’s paper bag, paper cup and the McNuggets packaging. The Cajun sauce and the Sweet Chili Sauce, the Cajun sauce offers hints of spiciness similar to mustard while the sweet chili sauce is quite similar to Thai style chili sauce but thicker in texture.

We know many people are expecting some sort of BTS merchandise with the BTS Meal. Sadly, there is no BTS merchandise as part of the BTS Meal. Basically this is 10 pcs of McNuggets meal with BTS packaging and two new sauces. If you are planning to get the BTS Meal, this is my honest BTS Meal McDonald’s Malaysia Review.

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