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Entier French Dining Lunch Birthday Celebration

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Entier French Dining Lunch Birthday Celebration

Time to share some of our recent ‘cincai makan’ (simply eating) adventure in Kuala Lumpur. This was our first time visiting Entier French dining after we saw so many of our friends visited this French Japanese restaurant. We went to Entier for a lunch birthday celebration for Rachel.

entier dining restaurant

The Entier French Dining is located on the 41st floor of Alila Hotel at Jalan Ang Seng, Brickfields. If you are not familiar with this part of Brickfields, you can use the Google Map below or simply Waze Alila. We parked indoor and you need to take the lift down to ground floor to switch to another lift directly to Level 41.

alila hotel brickfields

You will reach the lobby of the hotel and just walk straight and the Entier French Dining restaurant will be at the end. Please do not try to walk in as the restaurant is usually fully booked and you can make the reservation of the table online at their website at https://entierfrenchdining.com/home/

entier french dining alila hotel

What you need to know is advance reservation is better as you can book the tables by the window, as it is brighter and nicer for photography and view.

entier french dining windows area

For the menu, they offer weekday lunch, weekend lunch and dinner. We went there for the weekday lunch to avoid the weekend crowd (and they were fully booked anyways).

There are two different types of lunch menu sets of two course menu at RM 75 nett and three course menu at RM 98 nett. If you think of it, it is pretty value for menu with beautiful cozy ambiance and top notch service by the working staffs here.

entier french dining malaysia

If you are celebrating birthday at Entier French Dining, they will offer you a small complimentary cake. This is why you find many people celebrating birthday at this restaurant including us.

We chose the 3 course menu and you ordered the below:

Starter: Ox Toungue Salad and Prawn & Mango

Main: Lamb Belly and Duck

Dessert: Vacherin and Hazelnut Éclair

Drinks: Coffee

Please take note that you can also upgrade your menu with other option such as lobster, caviar, oyster and more. You can also order some wine or sparkling depending on your preferences.

entier french dining bread and butter

You start the lunch with the complimentary hot bread with artisan butter. You can enjoy the warm bread with the flavoured butter.

entier french dining ox tongue salad
Ox Tongue Salad

We know it’s a bit scary when you read ox tongue but actually it taste really good when they cooked it well. This is ox tongue confit with egg mimosa, char grilled baby gem lettuce, anchovy sauce and Highlands herb green.

The ox tongue is soft in texture and it is taste so good with the greens. It is not just nice for the presentation but the taste and texture too.

entier french dining prawn and mango
Prawn and Mango

This is prawn comes with fruity mango chutney with vadouvan oil and Highlands herb garden.

To be honest, we are impressed with the presentation and technique especially the foam and the edible flower. This is interesting as the sweet mango taste with hints of spicy flavor from the chutney but we loved this combination.

entier french dining lamb belly
Lamb Belly

This is braised lamb belly with ratatouille, zucchini strips, mustard pickles, lamb jus with parsley puree.

entier french dining lamb belly ratatouille

Have you seen a braised lamb belly presented like this? The arrays of the zucchini slices on top with the splashed of lamb jus and parsley puree. The lamb texture is soft and the taste is heavenly. Together with the greens, this is better than we imagined.

entier french dining duck

The first look at it, where is the duck? Oh well, this is the confit duck cannelloni. This is the cylindrical type of lasagna that is baked with filling of confit duck. To be honest, we believe this is our first time having a duck cannelloni.

Their version of duck cannelloni comes with soft duck texture with duck just and spinach. This is something like the ‘mat salleh’ popiah with duck filling. We love the flavor, the taste and combination of spinach.

entier french dining vacherin dessert

This is what they called the classic vacherin glace that comes with mixed berries sorbet, vanilla ice cream and vodka.

This is a beautiful dessert. The top part is the vacherin made of meringue which is made of egg whites. You can spot the berries sorbet and vanilla ice creamed sandwiched in between the meringue and the berries.

You get the soft texture of the sorbet and ice cream and the crispy texture of the meringue. The taste is cold and refreshing with the end taste of the bits of meringue and berries. We love this as this is light and refreshing end for a dessert.

entier french dining vacherin
Hazelnut Éclair

This is hazelnut éclair comes with sea salt caramel, hazelnut cream and chocolate ice cream.

If you prefer to have a savoury sweet dessert, you can try order this hazelnut éclair. Love the combination of soft and crunchy texture and also the hazelnut cream and chocolate ice cream.

entier french dining coffee
Coffee latte

For drinks, both of us order the coffee latte. You can also order house made soda or organic tea. We just love our coffee.

As we mentioned earlier, they offer a small cake for birthday celebration. This is a complimentary cake and kind gesture from the restaurant.

entier french dining birthday cake

It is a mini mousse cake and it is good enough for sharing for two after the heavy lunch set. If you plan to do a birthday celebration at Entier French Dining, please let them know in advance for the complimentary cake.

entier french dining birthday

The three course meal set lunch at Entier French Dining is definitely worth. The presentation and the taste of the food is better than we expected. Of all the dishes we ordered, we enjoyed the complimentary bread, the ox tongue salad, lamb belly, duck, vacherin and the cake.

There are many fancy restaurants and cafes in Kuala Lumpur with overpriced menu and overrated food so always Google and read the reviews first. We prefer good food than Instagrammable or ‘viral’ restaurants and café so we don’t waste our money.

This is our Entier French Dining Lunch Birthday Celebration and we will go back again for sure. Remember to book your table on their website at: https://entierfrenchdining.com/home/

entier french dining places and foods

To all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day! Remember to remember and treat your mom well like Mother’s day every day! Cheers!

Entier French Dining

Opening Hours: 12-3 pm, 6-10 pm

Address: Level 41 at Alila Bangsar No 58, Jalan Ang Seng, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur

Reservations: letsumai.com

Phone: 03-2268 3819

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