March 27, 2023

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Bama Panyang River and Blessing Lake China

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Bama Panyang River and Blessing Lake China

Well, it is Movement Control Order again and taking rest from my kidney stone operation last week, time to share some of our previous travel experiences. This is Panyang River and Blessing Lake in Bama China. We seldom post about this trip in China as there were not much information about this place as it is not popular.

Bama or also known as Bama Yao or Alabama (of china) is a county in Guangxi China. This is part of the tour from Nanning China including to the border of Vietnam to see the Detian waterfall.

You can read more about Bama at

The thing about most information about these tours in China mostly in Chinese. This is the main reason why it is hard for us to get the verified details of the tour.

They usually translate the Chinese to English and you get really ridiculous translation that doesn’t make any sense.

After digging up info on the Internet and hopefully we got it right, this is Bama Panyang River and Blessing Lake China.

It is a river cruise tour with a tour guide in front and another person paddling the boat behind. This is a popular tour in Bama and the whole the river tour takes almost an hour.

It is similar to other river cruise tour where the tour guide will speak and sing so usually tourist will tip them at the end of the tour.

The beauty of visiting this part of China is it is still untouched and not modernized yet. You don’t get to see skyscrapers or highways and you still can experience the old china with the mesmerizing scenery.

The one hour river cruise will go thru a cave from the blessing lake to Panyang River. There will be a few moments of darkness in the cave.

The interesting part of this part of China is the water is still and it is quite transparent. Due to the purity and minerals of the natural water, we were encouraged to drink the water from the cave.

From the photos, you can see it is very clear and it looks really clean. We did some of the water from the river, it taste like water.

Just to let you know that, you can find Bama mineral water at premium price at the local supermarkets. We were told that it is sold at other parts of China at premium prices due to its mineral and Bama’s reputation as longevity town.

To visit the Bama Panyang River and Blessing Lake China, you need to get the day tour at Nanning China. The Bama tour is inclusive of tour, transportation, food, entrance prices as well as accommodation.

We will share more travel stories about China soon as most of us are at home during this MCO. Just take care of yourself and be safe!

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