May 18, 2024


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Bama The Longevity Town of China


When you talk about quality of life in China, often you hear and read is the pollutions. The smog in Beijing and last year the virus stained river in Shanghai. This is some of many pollution stories running on China due to its rapid growth in industrialization. If you are selling face masks in Beijing, I’m sure you are making big bucks.
bama longevity village


Not so long ago, i visited the province of Guangxi and it gives me a different perspective of China. Meet Bama, a small town in Guangxi famous for its quality in life. While some called the place Alabama of China, Bama is famous for longevity. You read it right. Longevity.
bama young children

A few naughty kids from Bama. They were playing with the rocks and told off from their parents.

Japan is champion of longevity as one of the countries with most elderies. Thus, Bama is one of fhe towns in China for the same reason.
bama china
The secret of longevity of such places is usually goes down to their diet. In Japan, its their healthy diet of green tea, rice and salmon while in Bama, it is all about their water and the grains. Thus in Bama, it has the strongest magnetic field on our planet. This was told to me by my guide.
bama old people selling vegetables


An elderly woman smiles as she sells vegetables by the road side.

bama list of centenarians


List of centenarians in Bama.

It is not a marketing ploy as dozens of elderly easily seen in Bama. Visiting centenarian is quite a norm. Tourists will be visit one or two of the centenarians at their home and taking pictures with them. There are estimated less than 10 centenarians. The oldest is claimed around over 112 years old. Now, do you believe it or not?
bama baimo cave


Baimo cave, a must visit place in Bama.

bama 80 year old


This is lady is over 80 years old and she is carry this back to her home.

bama with centenarian

We took this picture with a centenarian in Bama village as arranged by our tour company.

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