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There are a few things to do in this remote town. You can visit the highest magnetic field spot in Baimo Cave, cruising to the source of the water of Bama in Water Cave and wonder of crystal cave at Crystal Palace of Bama.
bama water cave reflection


Water cave, the source of natural water in Bama. You can drink the water within the cave.

bama dragon valley



They called this the Dragon Valley because the stream is look-alike the word “dragon”.

bama crystal cave white



The beautiful Crystal Palace Cave in Bama.

bama crystal cave colourful


Colourful lights in Crystal Palace Cave.

bama crystal cave rachel placesandfoods
Since the story of longevity of Bama leaked out years ago, many travellers come for that reasons. Resort homes are built for tourists. Some will purchase properties to retire at Bama. Now Bama is a commercialized town and the local flourished with revenue generating from tourism. Thus, there are many new developments in Bama thanks to the tourism. You can see new brick buildings replacing the old ones.
bama famous suckling pig

A plate of suckling pig in Bama.

For the food, there are four popular ones and pricey too. They have this natural water, palm size river fish, piglet and their grains. Their natural mineral water is bottled and export to other parts of China to sell. Hence, the river fish is nothing special and contains tiny bones while the piglet is the best amongst all as they are tender and juicy. The grain is usually cooked in rice porrdige with corn or pumpkin.

bama town

The town of Bama.

bama village new structures

The new houses of Bama.

Bama is a three to four hours ride from Nanning, capital of Guangxi. It is recommended to stay in Bama for at least one night. There are local tours in Nanning which offer tours to Bama. AirAsia offers direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Nanning weekly.

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