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I Love Okinawa

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I Love Okinawa 

There is always a deep connection for Malaysians who grew up watching Japanese dramas on national TVs in 1980’s. I am one of them. Influenced by JPOP, I went for Japanese language training after high school but only made it to Japan a few years ago. That’s one more off the bucket list and also is a dream come true.

1.Kabira Bay in Ishigaki Island
Kabira Bay in Ishigaki Island

As a Japan fanatic, there is one island that needs a slight introduction to our fellow Malaysians – Okinawa. Okinawa is a very unique place, with its history as part of the Ryukyu Kingdom, through to being one of the most famous battle grounds in World World II and now as tourist haven. Some called Okinawa the “Hawaii of Japan” because of its beauty and culture and you can fly there from Kuala Lumpur via Japan or Taiwan.

2.In the Blue Ocean_Coral reef and tropical fish

In the Blue Ocean Coral reef and tropical fish

3.Driving_enjoy the blue sky and oceas by driving Okinawa

Enjoy the blue sky and oceans by driving in Okinawa

4.Cherry Blossoms_the earliest deep pink cherry blossom
Cherry Blossoms the earliest deep pink cherry blossom

5.People_1_An old man famous for longevity
An old man in Okinawa as it is famous for longevity

6. People_2_youngmen, dancing Eisa
Young men dancing!

7.Festival_Haaree festival
Haaree festival

8.Triathlon_Triathlon in the nature

Triathlon in the nature

9.Shuri Castle_The world heritage Shuri Castle
The world heritage Shuri Castle

10.Sansen music_an imperative instrument for Okinawa music
Sansin music, an imperative instrument for Okinawa music

11.Bingata(red style)_representative and traditional dyeing technique in Okinawa

Bingata(red style) representative and traditional dyeing technique in Okinawa

12.Shisa_protectorate god in Okinawa
Shisa protectorate god in Okinawa

 13.Sea grapes_seaweed taked in the  Okinawa ocean

Sea grapes and seaweed taken in the Okinawa ocean

14.Scampi (Marsupenaeus japonicus)_fresh scampi grew up in the Okinawa ocean

Fresh scampi grew up in the Okinawa ocean

15.Steak_one of the Okinawa people's favorite gourmet

Steak is one of the Okinawa people’s favorite gourmet

17.Hotels_Blue ocean would be seen from the resort hotels
Blue ocean can be seen from the resort hotels

18.Wedding_Holding wedding in front of the blue ocean
Wedding in front of the blue ocean

19.Churaumi Aquzrium is teh popular sightseeing spot

Churaumi Aquarium is the popular sightseeing spot

20.Night spot_full of places you can have fun alomg International Street
Places you can have fun alog International Street

From February 10th to March 10th, there will be a Facebook Contest for Okinawa lovers. Visit their Facebook Page and “like” them at https://beokinawa.net/my


The contest is open for Malaysians only.A photo album of 20 photos will be created on the competition’s Facebook page. Participants will be asked to choose three photos out of 20. Every participant needs to “Like” the Okinawa Facebook to take part in this campaign. At the end of the contest, one photo will be randomly picked by the organizer and 55 winners will be randomly chosen from those who have chosen the winning photo. An email will be sent to winners and the prize will be delivered to them later on.

For the prizes, you will get limited edition Okinawa souvenirs!

1st prize for 5 persons, “Ryukyu Glass”
ryukyu glass
2nd prize for 50 persons, “Star Sand”
star sand
I will be participating and try to get my hands on the “Ryukyu Glass”, how about you?

Wait no more join the contest now at https://beokinawa.net/my

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