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Sleaford Bay Pictures South Australia

Discovering Eyre Peninsula in South Australia is such an adventure. Riding on a 4WD car, I access to some of the best hidden places in SA (South Australia). This includes driving through Lincoln National Park and some areas of Jussieu Peninsula. Most of these places are off-road so you need to hire a 4WD to access this part of the world.  As most of these places are not popularized so you will find many significant sites of natural, indigenous and early European. One of them is the Sleaford Bay.

If you never heard of Sleaford Bay, it started like this.
sleaford bay notice
Captain Matthew Flinders took the Investigator across Sleaford Bay in February 1802. Flinders’ map brought US vessels to the area in mid 1803 hunting seals. Many vessels followed hunting whales for bone and oil and seals for skins.
sleaford bay view
Sleaford Bay was the area where whales were chased and harpooned. The whales were then taken to the northern end of Fishery Bay where they were taken ashore and processed.
sleaford bay scenery
The on-shore whaling operations ceased in 1841 when foreign vessels with ship board processing facilities saw the whales cease to come within the reach of the Sleaford Station.
sleaford bay birds

(Birds enjoying the breeze at Sleaford Bay)

Sheep and cattle grazed the area from the mid 1840’s where they watered from natural sources including Sleaford Mere.

Two centuries later and standing near at the exact same site, you will be mesmerized by the scenic view and the cool blowing wind from the Great Australian Bight. This is one of the best places I visited in Australia so far.

Watch the video to see how beautiful Sleaford Bay is.

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The Eyre Peninsula  

The Eyre Peninsula offers a brilliant blend of wildlife, landscapes, fishing and seafood.  The coastal waters are home to magnificent giant cuttlefish, playful sealions, bottlenose dolphins and the awesome southern right whales.  Inland experiences include close encounters with kangaroos, emus and soaring eagles. The varied landscapes range from secluded beaches to towering limestone cliffs, ancient granite outcrops and the vast emptiness of the Nullarbor Plain.  Famous for fishing, the seafood offers a tantalizing smorgasbord of shellfish gathered from the pristine waters surrounding the Peninsula.
sleaford bay placesandfoods
Sleaford Bay is just slightly more than half an hour drive away from Port Lincoln. You can travel to Port Lincoln from Adelaide via car or flight. You fly with Regional Express from Adelaide to Port Lincoln.

Adelaide is South Australia’s capital city, with a population of 1.2 million people.  Set beside a river, surrounded by parklands and buzzing with life, this is a capital city that is clever, cultured and cool.  Its events calendar is packed with everything from award-winning sport to world-class art, its enormous range of restaurants and cafes is famous, its cultural attractions are many and varied, and it’s known as the “20 minute city” because everything is so close and easy to get to.

Malaysia Airlines and AirAsiaX is offering direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Adelaide.


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