April 1, 2023

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Sate Haji Samuri Kajang

This is the sate or satay restaurant we frequently visited as it is near our home and we only blogged it once twelve years ago. This is Sate Haji Samuri Kajang HQ (headquarter), near to Kajang Stadium and opposite MRT Kajang Stadium Station.

Most people visit Kajang for satay and Sate Haji Samuri is one of the popular places due to its location next to the MRT Kajang Stadium and also their presence in Kajang for decades.

Their two storey restaurant can be easily spotted next to the stadium with their own parking lots. On top of that, you can find many other Sate Haji Samuri branches along the highways and some other locations of Klang Valley.

If you are thinking of visiting Satay Malaysia Ngok Lan, they already closed down for over three years as the owners were retiring due to old age. We blogged about it three years ago.

We visited Sate Haji Samuri Kajang for the past couple of years and the price of their satay has risen from less than RM 1 to RM 1.17 and above. However, if you crave for satay you don’t mind paying a little extra.

The size of the satay here is bigger than many satay stalls or restaurants out there and that is the reason why we don’t mind paying a little extra. Eight sticks of satay at Sate Haji Samuri Kajang is more than enough for a meal compare to outside where you probably need more than 10 sticks of satay.

For the taste, it is consistent and they use leaner meat for chicken satay. For beef satay, it depends on your luck as we find the consistency is not there. Sometimes you get really juicy beef satay or else it could be too dry. The satay here are well marinated so the taste is always consistent but the texture depends on how perfect they grilled it under the charcoal grill.

That is the reason we usually order their chicken satay and a little bit of beef satay. We did try their other satays such as rabbit, fish and lamb but we rather stick with chicken and beef satay.

They offer sliced cucumber and the satay sauce to go along with your satay, you need to request for onions from the cashier probably due to high cost.

They are quite generous with their satay sauce and they will add some chili to make it spicy. Satay sauce is refillable and there are some satay stall in Kajang can be quite stingy on refilling the sauce.

What we like about Sate Haji Samuri Kajang is the size of the satay, their satay sauce and the convenience of parking spaces.

You can probably spot me having satay on my own at Sate Haji Samuri Kajang. I just love to have satay from time to time and it is one of my favourite food in Malaysia.

During this time, please take good care of yourself and be safe!

Sate Haji Samuri Kajang

Opening Hours: 11 am to 11pm

Address: Jalan Kelab, Bandar Kajang, 43000 Kajang, Selangor

Phone: 03-8737 1853

Website: https://www.satekajang.com.my/

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