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Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew Broga

There are many fancy and viral restaurants in Broga and most of them offer nice scenery and ambiance with mediocre food. We do visit different restaurants from time to time and if we found a good one, we will go back again. If you ask me about what is good food in Broga, we will recommend Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew or in Chinese 罗汉椒仔煲.

Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew

The Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew Broga is located near the main road and please check the google map below for directions. They are usually packed during dinner time and weekends and you can find cars parked outside of this restaurant.

The restaurant is located within a nursery and if you are there early, you can check out their beautiful landscape especially the mini pond near the entrance of the restaurant.

Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew broga pond

We highly advice everyone to book a table in this restaurant as this restaurant is usually packed during peak hours. Sometimes even we booked a table, we have to wait for a while. If you want to avoid the crowd, please visit them around 6 pm or earlier or else you have to wait for the table and the food.

Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew broga

They offer 27 items in their menu. Almost every dishes is listed nicely in Chinese and English and for fish dishes, you can always ask the price before ordering. To be honest, the prices of the food here is quite reasonable if you study their menu.

Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew broga 罗汉椒仔煲 menu

The popular and signature dishes at Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew Broga includes Broga Jiao Zai Pot, Fried Pork Trotters, Curry Fish Head and Meat, Marmite Prawns and Bitter Gourd with Salted Egg.

The photos we shared are from a few visits as we do come here from time to time for their food.

Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew broga jiao zai pot
Broga Jiao Zai Pot

This is the famous Broga Jiao Zai Pot. It is steamed tilapia fish with chili in claypot. Why this Jiao Zai Pot is popular is due to the broth which is acidic with hints of spiciness. Not forgetting to mention the fish is steamed t perfection and the freshness and juiciness of the fish. This might not be an expensive fish but this is really comfort food. This goes well with rice and we always order this whenever we visit this restaurant.

Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew broga pork trotter
Fried Pork Trotters (RM 48)

This is their version of pork trotters. This comes with crispy skin and tender and well marinated meat. Of course you have to complement it with the chili sauce. For fried pork trotter lovers, this is a must order.

Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew broga curry fish head
Curry Fish Head (RM 35)

A beautiful bowl of curry fish head with meat and vegetables. Their curry is not that overwhelming so it can be considered mild than spicy. It comes with a good portion of fish head and the vegetables. This is comfort food and this goes well with the rice.

Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew broga pumpkin japanese tofu
Pumpkin sauce Japanese Tofu (RM 12)

This might not look convincing but the light sweet pumpkin sauce with the soft Japanese tofu is one of the side dishes you must order in this restaurant. This is something unique as you don’t find many Japanese tofu with pumpkin sauce and the kids loved this.

Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew broga salted egg prawns
Salted Egg Prawns (RM 45)

This the fried crispy pawns and stirred fried with salted eggs. First of all, do not expect XL prawn sizes as we will rate it probably L size. The crispiness of the prawn as well as the creamy salted egg makes this so addictive.

Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew broga crispy marmite pork
Crispy Marmite Streaky Pork (RM 15)

This is crispy streaky pork stirred fried with marmite sauce and onion. This is super crispy and crunchy and it comes with the strong sweet flavour of Marmite. This is more like a side dish and the kids loved this.

Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew broga bitter gourd with salted egg
Bitter Gourd with Salted Egg (RM 15)

Almost every table will order this. This is quite unique as they shred the bitter gourd, deep fried it to crispiness before lightly stirred fried with salted egg sauce. To be honest, you only get hints of the taste of the salted egg while the bitter gourd is crispy and enjoyable.

Overall, we enjoyed the food and hospitality at Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew Broga 罗汉椒仔煲.. The food here is good and we return to this restaurant for a few times since last year. The food prices are reasonable but some dishes are smaller in portion. We usually visit this restaurant early to avoid the crowd and we highly recommend this restaurant than other expensive and fancy restaurants with overrated food in Broga.

Restaurant Kari Ikan Liew 罗汉椒仔煲.

Opening Hours: 11.30 am to 9.30 pm

Address: B34 Broga, Broga, 46500 Semenyih, Selangor

Phone: 012-615 9036

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