December 7, 2023


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Samsung Galaxy A72 30x Optical Zoom Review

This is a quick review of the Samsung Galaxy A72, the newest smartphone from Samsung. If you want to know more about the phone, you can read our previous review at This mid range smartphone is packed with top notch specs, quad camera and huge battery.

samsung a72 30x review malaysia

You can also read our full review on the Samsung Galaxy A72 at and watch the simple unboxing video on Youtube below.

One of the key features of Samsung Galaxy A72 is the 30x optical zoom. The design of the quad camera is similar to Samsung Galaxy S21 series but how good is their camera? Let us show you some sample of Samsung Galaxy A72 photos including the ultra wide angle as well as 30x Optical Zoom.

What we realized is the colours and contrast for the Samsung Galaxy A72 is quite comparable with Samsung Galaxy S21 series. The colours of the photos are vivid and yet the contrast is high. You can almost instantly post the photos on social media without any filters.

kl skyline

This is taken from KWC Fashion Wholesale and let’s start with the ultrawide angle. The photos are resized to smaller size with no filters and no adjustment on level, brightness, contrast and colours. The best part of Samsung Galaxy A72 is the 0.5x ultra wide screen. If you look at the edges, it is still as sharp as it is in the middle and this is how far Samsung has improved with their photography.

samsung a72 malaysia

With the actual 1x view, the photo is still vivid and high in contrast. The AI creates a beautiful photo without any edit.

samsung a72 malaysia 3x

At 3x zoom view, the photo is slightly sharpened you still can see most details especially the wordings of the police station. To be honest, for a mid range smartphone, this is better than most similar models out there.

samsung a72 malaysia 10x zoom

Moving forward to 10x zoom view, it still manage capture all the details with the photos are more sharpened. You start to see some noises which is quite common even with flagship smartphones.

samsung a72 malaysia 30x zoom

Lastly, this is the view of the 30x zoom view which we focus on the KL Tower. This is a decent photo for 30x zoom and the AI still manage to calculate the details of the photo. You can spot the smudges but since it was dark, we honestly think that the result of the 30x zoom photo is better than we expected.

The Samsung Galaxy A72 is good enough for normal and even travel usages. You don’t need to go up to 10x zoom for photos, 3x zoom is good enough especially for food or portrait photography.

samsung a72 food photo

The Samsung Galaxy A72 is priced at RM 1,899 (retail price) in Malaysia and we honestly feel that it is worth to buy. The design, the usability, the speed, the battery size, the quad camera and to be honest, this feels like a flagship smartphone already.

You can check it out at Samsung Malaysia Official Website at or their official store at Shopee at

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