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Willy Satay Kajang Ramal Junction Food Court

This is one of our favourite satay places in Kajang and this is Willy Satay at Ramal Junction Food Court. We visited Willy Satay as it is recommended by our friends who stayed in Kajang for decades. They are popular for their lamb satay which is usually sold out fast.

willy satay kajang review

We recently blogged about the other popular satay place, Sate Haji Samuri and if you are thinking of visiting Satay Malaysia Ngok Lan, they already closed down for over three years as the owners were retiring due to old age. We blogged about it three years ago.

We visited Willy Satay during MCO (movement control order) this year so we only allowed to order for delivery home. No dine in is allowed.

ramal junction food court

During normal days, you can see this Ramal Junction Food Court packed with people and cars. It is hard to find a parking during dinner time as there are many food stalls at this food court on top of Willy Satay.

willy satay kajang menu

This is Willy Satay latest menu. Chicken satay priced at RM 1 while the popular lamb satay is priced at RM 1.50. We usually order the mixture of chicken and lamb satay but the lamb satay are sold out most of the time.

satay willy kajang

You will see many people grilling the satay at multiple charcoal grilled stations behind the counter. Well, that was before MCO and now they also offer a different pick up area from Ramal Junction Food Court. Once you are there, they will guide you to their pick up location during MCO only.

What we have for photos are the chicken satay as the lamb satay were sold out. The significant difference of Willy satay is the reddish colour satay due to their secret recipe marinade.

willy satay kajang

The size of their satay is big and similar to Sate Samuri size and it is slightly bigger than the other satay places in Kuala Lumpur. The taste is sweet, savoury with hints of the lemongrass while the satay is grilled to perfection with tender meat.

willy satay kajang sg ramal

Some people prefer Willy Satay than Sate Samuri while others think otherwise. Taste is very subjective so it is up to individual’s preferences. We prefer the taste of the satay of Willy Satay but we prefer the satay sauce of Haji Samuri. Willy Satay is also a bit stingy in offering their satay sauce.

willy satay kajang chicken satay

If you are planning to visit Willy Satay Kajang Ramal Junction Food Court, please try their lamb satay. It is one of the best we tasted. Ask your Kajang friends and they will recommend Willy Satay.

Willy Satay Kajang Ramal Junction Food Court

Opening Hours: 10 am to 12 am (midnight)

Address: Jalan Ramal 1, Taman Ramal Indah, 43000 Kajang, Selangor

Phone: 013-330 9291


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