May 31, 2023

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Beware of durian scammers online

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Beware of durian scammers online

We read about someone posted on Facebook that he got scammed by durian seller online. Since it is the starting of the durian season for 2021, please beware of durian scammers online especially on Facebook.

Due to FMCO, many people are unable to go to their favourite durian seller and many opted to stay at home. This is why there are many new durian online sellers you can find on Facebook or Instagram or other social media.

If you plan to buy durian online especially on Facebook Page, always check the general information of the seller. Usually, they will list information such as address, website, email address and phone number. On top of that, you need to check the Page’s likes and followers, comments, reviews as well as photos and videos. You might notice that your friends are following some of these Durian sellers so please ask them if they purchased from them or ask for any good durian seller recommendations.

No such thing as cheap durian online

Most legit durian sellers online have a physical store or they will do live sales from time to time. Facebook live is one of the best way for the durian sellers to generate sales and hence they will do as many live sessions as possible to sell their durians.

There are also many durian sellers at Shopee and you can check the sellers via their sales and reviews. In a way, you are protected at Shopee (but there are still scammers on Shopee) too.

In short, if you want to purchase durians online, make sure you read their reviews, check their background such as company name, address and phone number, ask and see whether any of your friends or family purchased from the seller or any recommendations for trusted seller.

If the deal is too good to be true, it will be most likely a scam. It is easily to get scammed online and they can run away your money.

Another type of scam is they sent you a different type of durian or lower quality durian but you are paying premium price.

Please make sure you are getting your durian from trusted online sellers (and many of them owned physical durian stall). There is no such thing as cheap durian online so beware of durian scammers online.

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