January 31, 2023

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D101 Durian from Johor and Semenyih

Time to do some reviews on some of the durians we tried. This is D101 Durian and one of the durians we frequently purchased from time to time. So far we have tasted the D101 Durian from Johor and Semenyih.

As you can see from the photo, the D101 durian is thorny and bright green in colour. This is based on the D101 durian from Johor we tasted.

We did also short video on D101 durian from Johor as we tasted Sinnaco Durian Specialist in SS2. For your information, we used to post some information on durians we tasted on our Youtube channel. We received mixed feedbacks and some haters condemning our reviews.

For your information, what we understand and know about durians such as D101 durian is based on the seller. We are not overselling the durian but simply stating the taste of the durian.

The D101 durian is creamy with bitter sweet taste. It is in between XO and Red Prawn and the color of the durian is orange yellow colour.

For the pricing, it fluctuates from time to time and so do understand that the price before the start of the durian season and during the peak of durian season is different.

The D101 durian can be sold less than RM 20 per kg during durian peak season and can fetch more than RM 30 kg during off peak season. The cheapest we can get was around RM 13-15 kg but it depends on supply and seller.

Recently, we got ourselves some D101 Durian from our neighbour who owned some durian orchards in Semenyih. They are selling around RM 25 per kg but they gave us special price.

The taste of the D101 durian from Semenyih is also bitter sweet in taste and creamy in texture. The D101 durian from Semenyih is not that orange yellowish colour but the taste remains the same. It is enjoyable and it is priced at the fraction of Musang King.

Some of the durians we usually purchase includes D101, D13, Red Prawn, XO, Tekka and D24. Musang King or Black Thorn is once is a while, times are bad now.

Please take note that the taste of the durian might varies and it also depends on the season, the origin of the durian as well as the seller. This is D101 Durian from Johor and Semenyih.

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