April 2, 2023

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Gulong Stewed Pork Sliced Review

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Gulong Stewed Pork Sliced Review

As promised, this is another food product review during FMCO. This is Gulong Stewed Pork Sliced Review. We believed many people know about this Gulong Stewed Pork Sliced and probably purchased it in wet market or Chinese traditional medicine halls. They also available on Shopee at: https://bit.ly/2SiuGls

Many people knows about this Gulong brand from China but do you know the history of it? Xiamen Gulong Canned Food Co is founded in 1954 but the Gulong brand is created in 1994. They offered can food which include stewed pork slice, pork luncheon meat, mince pork with bean paste, braised peanuts, pickled lettuce, stewed pork chop, spiced pork cube, pork leg with mushrooms and more.

You can easily identify the Gulong brand with the distinctive yellow colour can and also the logo. This is 383 gram and there are six pieces of stewed pork sliced. You don’t need a can opener to open this as it comes with a top lid.

We tried a few brands and all of them offer six pieces of stewed pork slice. The question is how thick is the stewed pork sliced. For Gulong, you can see the pork sliced almost filled the can and they are thick.

The can comes with six pieces of stewed pork sliced as well as the sauce. Once you poured out into the bowl, you can easily spot the top oil layer. The broth or sauce is quite fragrant and you can easily heat it up by putting it on top of the rice inside the rice cooker or microwave.

What we like about this Gulong Stewed Pork Sliced is the pork is the thick cut and the pork is not too fat. Sometimes, you get too much fat layer. The texture is soft while the sauce is flavourful and fragrant. This goes well with rice or noodles. Some people cook this with mee hoon and it is up to your creativity.

In terms of pork sliced quality and cut, this is probably the best we tasted so far. The taste and texture is up to our expectation and overall we enjoyed the Gulong Stewed Pork Sliced. We will be getting other brands soon for review so we can do more comparison.

As we mentioned earlier, Gulong Stewed Pork Sliced is available on Shopee at: https://bit.ly/2SiuGls and this is our review.

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