February 24, 2024


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Singing Drawers and Cabinet in Japan

This is probably one of the most unique things we have seen in one of the trips to Japan. This is the singing drawers and cabinet in Japan. This is created by Sushi Master Chef Yasuo Namba. He is the owner and also runs the famous Sushi Kappo Kidoairaku Restaurant in Okayama that has been in operation for more than 40 years.

okayama singing cabinet

What is singing drawers and cabinet? Please check out the video below to understand more. You need to watch and listen to understand what we means.

How can the drawers and cabinet sing? The space in between the cabinets make sound somehow it creates a harmony as if it is singing. The sound similar to harmonica but in the subtle way.

Our guess is when you create a certain gap in between the drawer within the cabinet, it will generate music but how did he do it, we never know.

The reason we met Sushi Master Chef Yasuo Namba is part of the arrangement by Tourism Okayama for the sushi learning and making workshop. Right after our session, the master chef wanted to show us something super cool in his garage which is the singing drawers and cabinet. To be honest, this is not yet an eye opener but something cool that you get to experience every day.

okayama sushi diy

This is the Singing Drawers and Cabinet in Japan. Thank you, Tourism Okayama for the arrangement and this is part of the 3 Days 2 Nights Okayama Itinerary.

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