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Guay Jub Ouan Pochana Bangkok Chinatown

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Guay Jub Ouan Pochana Bangkok Chinatown

Keep calm everyone, this visit was before the COVID-19 pandemic and we still have many stories to post in the upcoming weeks. Guay Jub Ouan Pochana has been around in Bangkok Thailand Chinatown for over 50 years or five decades and they only open at night.

Guay Jub Ouan Pochana bangkok

Guay Jub Ouan Pochana is located at 408, Yaowarat Road Bangkok Chinatown. For decades, locals and tourists will queue in front of their stall for hours to just to get a bowl of their Guay Jub Ouan Pochana.

Guay Jub Ouan Pochana is rolled rice noodle soup with pork and pepper soup. This simple Thai street food has been included in the Michelin Guide Bangkok since the first year as part of the Bib Gourmand which means good quality and good value cooking.

Guay Jub Ouan Pochana bangkok menu

This week, we read that the 73 year old owner, Mr. Charnchai Tangsubmanee passed away due to the COVID-19. From what we understand that he was tested positive for COVID-19 and he received his first does of AstraZeneca in June. His son Narudon will take over the food stall.

Guay Jub Ouan Pochana

The Guay Jub Ouan Pochana is quite unique as it comes with pepper and pork soup with crispy pork belly and other pork intestines. The rice noodle is smooth in texture and it goes well with the pepperish taste soup.

Guay Jub Ouan Pochana review

This reminds us a bit of Kajang pepper soup but with pork intestines and rice noodles. The price for Guay Jub Ouan Pochana starts from 50 Baht for small and 100 Baht for large. The egg is 10 baht.

Guay Jub Ouan Pochana bangkok chinatown

Their decades of popularity and good food is noted by the Michelin Guide Bangkok Thailand and hence they are listed in the Michelin Guide since 2018.

Guay Jub Ouan Pochana places and food

We are unsure when can we travel to Bangkok again. Most likely in 2022 or beyond and for the meantime, please take care of yourself and be safe. Bangkok is still around and we will visit them again in the future but now we have to take care of our health.

This is Guay Jub Ouan Pochana Bangkok Chinatown.

Guay Jub Ouan Pochana Bangkok Chinatown

Address: 408 Yaowarat Road Samphanthawong Bangkok 10100

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