March 24, 2023

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Jonetsu Kakaku Miso Soup 12 Packs Review

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Jonetsu Kakaku Miso Soup 12 Packs Review

This is something we bought from Jonetsu by Don Don Donki Malaysia Online store at Shopee, this is the Kakaku Miso Soup. This comes with 12 packs or 12 miso soup portions. The Jonetsu Kakaku Miso Soup comes in a packet with 12 small packs. We bought this for our boys as this is simple to prepare especially for lunch.

We bought two of these last week at Shopee: and we are going to show you what is the content. There are 12 packs of miso paste and 12 packs of different ingredients.

The different colours are the different ingredients to complement the miso soup. You just need to have hot water and then add the miso paste and then add one of the ingredients.

Some of the ingredients include tofu, spring onion and more. The taste is pretty good and you can add more hot water if you think the flavour is too strong.

The Jonetsu Kakaku Miso Soup is great complement for rice and the kids loved it. We tasted it and this is comfort food. Something for parents to prepare for breakfast or lunch if you ran out of ideas what to prepare for the kids.

Remember you can get it at Shopee: and this is our Jonetsu Kakaku Miso Soup 12 Packs Review. We are doing more food product reviews as we wanted to cook at home for our boys during this time. Stay safe everyone, take care and be safe.

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