December 7, 2023


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Royal Victoria Cream Cheese Review

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Royal Victoria Cream Cheese Review

For the past year we believe most us ordered or tried to bake the burnt cheese cake. We still remember the shortage of cream cheese last year due to the popularity of the burnt cheese cake. Hence, we tried a few cream cheese brands which include the Royal Victoria Cream Cheese. We bought this a few times and from Shopee at:

royal victoria cream cheese

This is not really a popular cream cheese brand in Malaysia so you might read more about this. This is made in Australia by Tatura (a popular cheese brand). This is the 2kg and even though the box looks a bit dented, the cream cheese is still fine. There is a plastic cover within the box so it is protected.

Royal Victoria Cream Cheese comes in a huge 2kg block of cream cheese so you might want to cut into small pieces to keep in your fridge (chiller).

For the burnt cheese cake recipe that we are using, it takes around 480 gram of cream cheese for one cake and hence the 2kg Royal Victoria Cream Cheese can make around four burnt cheese cakes with some extra.

royal victoria cream cheese 2kg

For the taste, it surprised us as the cheese taste is stronger than some of the popular cream cheese brands. This is based on our taste as we have been using different cream cheese brands from time to time.

Please take note that other ingredients also plays a factor in the taste of the burnt cheese cake and taste is always subjective.

royal victoria cream cheese burnt cheese cake

If you ran out of cream cheese and you want purchase it online, you can check out Shopee at:

Overall, we enjoyed the taste of the Royal Victoria Cream Cheese and yes, we will buy this again. You can consider this brand if you have not tried. This is not a sponsored review and thanks for reading.

We hope everyone can try to bake something during this lockdown period. Please stay at home, take care and be safe! This is our Royal Victoria Cream Cheese review.

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