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CI Cheese MeatBall Review

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CI Cheese MeatBall Review

Time for another quick food product review. This is not a sponsored review as we bought this CI Cheese Meatball from a local grocer and it is also available at Shopee: https://shp.ee/8cszn4q

ci cheese meatball

This is pork meatball so it is Non-Halal. We purchased this for the first time and will usually repeat buying it if we loved it.

There are many new meatball products in the market especially during this year and hence we need to try out one by one. This is the same with the luncheon meat in the market right now especially there are so many luncheon meat brands online.

CI Cheese Meat Ball

The CI Cheese Meatball is 200 gram and comes with 10 pieces of meatball. It is produced by C.I. Food that is based in Masai Johor Malaysia. From their website, they are established since 1989 as pork processing factory and the CI Cheese Meatball is one of their food products.

ci cheese meat ball

The meatballs are reasonably sized and it is simple to prepare, just boiled it for like 5-10 minutes and then it is ready to eat.

The moment of truth is how much cheese is inside the meatball. The CI cheese meatball comes with generous amount of cheese filling while the meatball is tasty too. The most important thing is the boys loved these cheese meatballs.

ci cheese ball

For parents, this is easy to prepare and you can add it onto soup or pasta or noodles. This is what we need especially most of us are working at home and we ran out of ideas what to cook daily.

During this time, please take care of yourselves and stay at home. You can purchase the CI Cheese Meatball at Shopee https://shp.ee/8cszn4q. This is the CI Cheese MeatBall Review.

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