May 25, 2024


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Online Premium Musang King Durian from HERNAN FOOD

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Online Premium Musang King Durian from HERNAN FOOD

It is still durian season now and time to order online premium musang king from HERNAN Food. We blogged about them last year as we ordered some of their frozen durian but this time, we ordered their fresh musang king durian online. They also available on Shopee at:

hernan food musang king durian

They are a reputable manufacturer based in Malaysia and established in 1996. They markets and distributes products to Australia, New Zealand, UK, New York and recently expanded to EU countries, Hong Kong & China.

You can order their online premium musang king durian from their website or Shopee. Thus, you can also find other products such as their musang king snow skin mooncakes as well as durian desserts.

hernan food musang king

The premium musang king comes in a plastic container and once you open the container, you can smell the fragrance of the durian.

hernan food mk durian

You can easily tell that this is premium musang king due to its golden yellow colour. The flavour is strong while the texture is solid. The taste of the musang king durian is better than we expected and this definitely premium grade. Lastly, we also like the freshness of their musang king durian.

hernan food musang king durian shopee

There are many fake online durian sellers or online durian scammers so buy from reputable durian brands or durian websites.

hernan musang king durian

Now, you can stay at home and order Online Premium Musang King Durian from HERNAN FOOD. You can buy premium musang king durian their official Shopee Store at or website at

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