March 22, 2023

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Shanghai Chan Chan 上海珍珍菜館 Taipa Macau

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Shanghai Chan Chan 上海珍珍菜館 Taipa Macau

Let us share a quick food review from our previous trip to Macau. We visited Macau quite a number of times as we have friends there and we enjoyed some of their local food too. This is a quick review of Shanghai Chan Chan 上海珍珍菜館 Taipa Macau.

You can find many unique food in Macau and we listed the Top 12 Food in Macau many years ago. We went to Shanghai Chan Chan 上海珍珍菜館 Taipa Macau for dinner as we were hanging out in that part of the city.

Shanghai Chan Chan 上海珍珍菜館 offers Shanghainese cuisine and we wanted to try something different as we had too many local food.

You can find many popular Hong Kong Celebrities photos on the wall within the restaurant and somehow we forget to take some photos of it.

We ordered three dishes and they are black pepper pork ribs, chicken with Chinese wine and scramble egg with prawn.

The scramble egg with prawn

The scramble egg with prawn is quite unique. We tried this version of scramble egg a few times and the taste is quite subtle. They use the egg white and mix it with milk (if not mistaken) to create that fluffy texture. This complements well with rice.

The Chicken with Chinese Wine

The Chicken with Chinese Wine is a starter dish. Usually served cold, the chicken is tender and comes with the fragrant Chinese wine. It is good on its own or with rice.

lack Pepper pork ribs

Black Pepper pork ribs comes with tender ribs with the black pepper flavour. The taste is not bad and goes well with rice too.

The restaurant also offer popular water crabs with congee but we didn’t order that.

Overall, the food here is decent and it is something different than what we can order in Malaysia.

This is Shanghai Chan Chan 上海珍珍菜館 Taipa Macau and you can read all our stories about Macau at

We wanted to visit Macau last year to visit our friends but the plans are postponed until it is safe to travel. Please take care everyone and be safe!

Shanghai Chan Chan 上海珍珍菜館 Taipa Macau

Opening Hours: 11 am to 10.30pm

Address: MacaoRua do Cunha, 22號舊城區全棟

Phone: +853 2882 5909

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