May 20, 2022

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Thailand Serda Tom Yam Mee Review

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Thailand Serda Tom Yam Mee Review

What happened to your instant noodles series? A friend ask me why I stop posting reviews on instant noodles last night so today let us share this Thailand Serda Tom Yam Mee. We noticed that this Thailand Serda Tom Yam Shrimp Mee is quite popular in Malaysia as it is HALAL certified.

You can get the Thailand Serda Tom Yam Mee online as we can’t travel to Thailand now and you can find them at:



Serda Tom Yam Mee comes with the red packaging and the Thailand HALAL logo. There is also another Thailand HALAL instant noodles and we will review that another day.

This is the Shrimp Tom Yam flavour (clear soup) and there are also creamy Tom Yam, Tomklung and other flavours. The Serda Tom Yam Mee comes with the noodles, tomyam flavour as well as the oil.

The preparation is similar to our instant noodles, just boil the water, cook the noodles and add the flavour and the oil.

The taste of the noodles quite similar to our local brands while the taste of the Tom Yam Shrimp flavour is mild. It is not too sour or not too spicy and please take note again, this is the clear soup version.

Personally, we prefer the creamy tom yam soup but there are many out there who prefer the clear soup version. You can always add chili or lime to enhance the flavour and add some ingredients to make it tastier.

There are many sellers online selling this by the pack or by the box and you can find them below at:



This is our Thailand Serda Tom Yam Mee review, please do bookmark our blog for more food and travel reviews. Take care and thanks for reading everyone.

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