April 1, 2023

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Phu Phra Bat Historical Park Udon Thani

This is another interesting or unseen places of interests at Udon Thani Thailand. This is Phu Phra Bat Historical Park and it is located in Amphoe Ban Phue Udon Thani. This is an archeological site and it features many large ancient ruins, objects and rock formations dating from prehistory.

The Phu Phra Bat Historical Park is within the Pa Khua Nam forest. We visited here as we joined a tour organised by our friend, David Lim of El Sol Travel. Backpacking or self travel in this part of Thailand is possible but it takes time. Hence, we chose to join a tour organized by our friend to visit this part of Thailand.

You can find ancient ruins, objects and rock formations from Dvaravti, Lop Buri and Lan Xang periods.

It is strange to find rock flooring and rock formations in the middle of the jungle and that is the reason why Phu Phra Bat Historical Park is a very unique place.

Once you enter the area, you will be stepping on the rock flooring and also many other rocks with unique or peculiar shapes. These shapes are made from slow moving glacier millions of years ago.

You will notice one of the huge rock formation in Phu Phra Bat Historical Park and it is called Hor Nang Usa. From our research, Hor Nang Usa is one of the rock formations where shrine has been constructed date to Dvarati period in the seventh to tenth centuries. The shrines feature Hindu and Buddhist influences.

We also spotted some of the prehistoric art paintings on the rock walls. The rock paintings are believed to date from 6,000 years ago.

We also found a number of sandstone images and idols and some have eroded due to weather.

There are also many unique rock colours created by nature. Most of the rocks here are well maintained and not vandalised.

Phu Phra Bat Historical Park Udon Thani was declared a Historical park by the Fine Arts Department in 1991.

The park also features a shrine called Phra Buddha Bhatha Bua Bok Udon Thani which has an important relic, the Buddha footprint.

How to go to Phu Phra Bat Historical Park Udon Thani ?

The park is 67 kilometres from town. Drive along Highway No. 2 (Udon Thani-Nong Khai), and turn left at Km. 13 onto Highway No. 2021. Head towards Amphoe Ban Phue for 42 kilometres, turn right and go continue another 500 metres. Drive straight along Highway No. 2348 for another 12 kilometres and turn right for approximately 2 kilometres before reaching the park. The headquarters are open 8.00 a.m.-4.30 p.m. Admission is 30 baht.

Reference: https://www.tourismthailand.org/Attraction/phu-phra-bat-historical-park

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